Traffic and Parking
Staff Council Committee

The committee shall accept suggestions, comments, and complaints relative to the parking of vehicles and the movement of vehicular/ pedestrian traffic on campus. Its primary concerns shall be the safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff, vendors, and visitors; and the orderly and efficient parking/movement of vehicles and persons. The committee shall be expected to make recommendations to the President of the University regarding parking lot zoning, zone enforcement procedures, cost and procedure for vehicle registration, parking and traffic movement during athletic events, pavement markings, signage, signalization, site lighting, handicapped parking/access, pedestrian malls, shuttle-bus systems, and regulations regarding bicycles/skateboards, etc.  (This position is by volunteer selection.)

Committee Contact: Carla Story
Contact's Phone Number: 334-844-5733
Current Members: Carla Story, Leigh Ballard

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