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Thursday, September 10, 2020

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Each year, Auburn University recognizes our employees who have earned AU degrees in the previous year at the Employee Recognition Program. Unfortunately, the 2020 program was canceled due to COVID-19. 

The opportunity to attend classes through our tuition waiver program is just one of the advantages of working at Auburn University. We applaud those employees who have advanced their education through this program. Employees who graduated in summer and fall 2019 are listed below. Congratulations and War Eagle!

Kodye L. Abbott, Doctor of Philosophy                                   Amanda D. Malone, Master of Accountancy

Syed A. Ali, Doctor of Philosophy                                            Gavin P. Mauldin, Master of Education

Ashley B. Baker, Bachelor of Arts                                            Janet M. Miles, Master of Education

Patricia A. Bloser, Master of Education                                   Carolyn E. Moore, Master of Science

John B. Carter Jr., Master of Natural Resources                     Madhumalini M. Nadar, Doctor of Philosophy

Julia A. Corcoran, Master of Education                                   Geni L. Payne, Master of Education

Robert E. Crosby, Bachelor of Civil Engineering                     Cole S. Shafer, Bachelor of Software Engineering

Jennifer G. Crowder, Doctor of Philosophy                             Lindsey S. Sharpe, Master of Education

Tom L. Devall, Educational Specialist                                      Deborah H. Stewart, Master of Education

Vanessa T. Finnegan, Doctor of Philosophy                            Darrue S. Stewart, Master of Education

Tashina M. Flowers, Master of Science                                   Karen S. Straub Stanton, Doctor of Philosophy

Jim E. Fuller, Bachelor of Sci in Bus Admin                             Tasheila W. Townsend, Educational Specialist

Christina M. Ganus, Master of Science                                   Bentavious M. Trammell, Bachelor of Science

Morris M. Henry Jr., Master of Education                                Mykeita S. Trammell, Master of Education

Angel L. Holladay, Bachelor of Arts                                         Julie E. Vaught, Master of Education

Kerry A. Hughes, Bachelor of Sci in Bus Admin                      Susan B. Webster, Master of Education

Abigail L. Jones, Master of Education                                     Robyn G. Westbrook, Master of Education

Carlie C. Kaeppler, Master of Science                                     Kimberly D. White, Master of Education

Katie M. Lackey, Educational Specialist                                  Tommie D. Williams, Master of Community Planning

Stephanie J. Wood, Master of Education