The Spring 2019 Auburn School of Nursing DAISY Award Ceremony was held on May 3rd. Friends and family members gathered to honor each nominee and celebrate compassionate nursing. Dr. Erica Kierce, an Auburn School of Nursing faculty member and recipient of a DAISY Award, spoke on what being a “DASIY” Award Winner means in the community and at the bedside. Each nominee received a DAISY Nominee pin.

The Nominees for the 2019 AUSON DAISY in Training Awards were as follows:

Tatum Balko

Justin Bannister (Graduate Student)

Peyton Barthel

Forrest Bonner (Graduate Student)

Amber Butts

Conlee Callen (Graduate Student)

Marlie Celka

Emily Erdernberger

Lauren Guy

Maggie Hagelskamp

Julia Maynard

Taylor Ziegfeld

The Nominees for the 2019 AUSON DAISY Faculty Awards were as follows:

Dr. Amy Curtis

Dr. Francine Parker (Graduate Faculty)

Ms. Karol Renfroe

Ms. Kelly Strickland

Dr. Sarah Watts (Graduate Faculty)