The, a nursing advocacy organization, ranked Auburn University's RN program as one of the best in Alabama for 2023!

Nursing programs were assessed on several factors which represent how well a program supports students during school, towards licensure, and beyond. The organization provides this information through studying nursing programs and their students’ performance on the NCLEX-RN exam used by all state boards of nursing across the United States to help assess a student’s competency and is required for licensure. NCLEX-RN pass rates are one of the best ways to determine a nursing program’s student preparedness, and that is why the organization chose to rank them using this method. After analyzing NCLEX-RN “pass-rates,” weighted by year, the organization presents these statistics to provide students with all the information needed to make the right choice when selecting a nursing school. Information on ranking methodology is available at

Programs reviewed include schools that offer RN programs (ADN/ASN, BSN, Direct-Entry MSN) state by state. NCLEX-RN pass rates were analyzed going back to the most recent years of data available up to 5 years. Schools’ pass rates were averaged together and weighted by the recency of the exam; for example, exam pass rates in 2021 count more towards overall rankings than scores from 2017.

The top 10 nursing schools out of the 37 RN programs in Alabama were ranked by analyzing their current and historical NCLEX-RN "pass rates" (the percentage of graduates who pass the exam). The top 10 schools in Alabama, in order of ranking are, Auburn University, The University of Alabama, University of North Alabama, UAB, Wallace State Community College, UAH, Samford University, Lawson State Community College, Jacksonville State and the University of South Alabama. More information on the ranking is available at

“We are thrilled to be ranked number one in Alabama,” said Dr. Caralise Hunt, associate dean for academic affairs at AUCON. “Our intelligent and motivated students are taught by a group of dedicated faculty. This is a combination for success that enables us to continue preparing excellent graduates.”