On Apr. 23, “Dog Research at Auburn University” will bring together researchers who are involved in dog behavior and health at Auburn. Since 2000, dog research has had a resurgence, with most of the research being strictly observational. Studies include human-dog connection, visual-perspective taking, social learning, metacognitive abilities, physical cognition, cooperation and smell and cognition. Dogs are given various tasks to solve and observe how they interact with their environment, other dogs or a human.

“Faculty members from colleges and schools across the campus will be presenting their dog research, to learn from each other and collaborate,” said Dr. Morgan Yordy, assistant professor in the School of Nursing (AUSON).

Yordy and Dr. Stuart Pope direct studies in Animal Assisted Therapy at AUSON, and are proud trainers of Daisy, Choa and Miller. These dogs are currently being used in ‘doggone diabetes,’ a study involving people with diabetes walking the dogs and learning to develop healthy habits.

The meeting is being held on Friday, Apr. 23, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (CST) at Room 126 Kinesiology Building, 301 Wire Rd.

The Program:

9 a.m.: Dr Jeffrey Katz, Department of Psychological Sciences “Awake Dog fMRI” 

10 a.m.: Dr. Lucia Lazarowski, Canine Performance Services “Social Cognition in Working Dogs” 

11 a.m.: Dr. Jill Meyer, Dr. Malti Tuttle. Special Education, Rehabilitation and Counseling, Dr. Morgan Yordy, School of Nursing 

12 p.m.: Dr. Heidi Kluess, School of Kinesiology “The Human-Animal Bond in Canine Sports” 

ZOOM Meeting details:


Meeting ID: 839 6325 3074

Passcode: 5Kv4gd