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Activities and programs involving youth are integral to Auburn University’s mission of improving the lives of the people of Alabama, the nation, and the world through education, research, and service. To serve, develop, and foster this mission, Auburn University created the Youth Protection Program. The Youth Protection Program promotes a culture of safety for all individuals participating in the wide variety of youth programs the University sponsors or sanctions, both on-campus and off-campus, under University supervision.  

The Youth Protection Program supports and protects the University community by developing standards regarding the protection of minors; delivering education and training on youth protection strategies; and assessing compliance with laws and the University’s policies affecting youth protection. 



Click Here to Register Youth Program  Is Your Program a Youth Program?

All Youth Programs must submit a registration and all requested documentation to Risk Management & Safety pursuant to the detailed process outlined in the Guide for Youth Programs. Program registration should be submitted and approved before beginning to advertise or accept registrations.  

Detailed information on required documentation is available in the Guide and on the Youth Protection webpage.  Additional requirements for Third-Party Youth Programs are detailed in the Guide for Third-Party Youth Programs.  Failure to comply with this policy or the requirements of the Guide may result in the Youth Program being denied approval. 


Step 1:  Register the program in the Campus Event Planning System (CEPS) if the event is on campus or if you would like it to appear on the Auburn University Events Calendar.  

Programs that do not have to register in CEPS, such as off-campus events, may begin with Step 2.

On-campus summer programs must be registered with the Summer Planning Committee to be considered for the upcoming summer.   

Step 2: Continue your registration in the Youth Protection Portal.

The person who registered the program in CEPS will receive an email directing them to continue the registration and approval process in the Youth Protection Portal.  Auburn University employees and students may sign on with their AU credentials.

You'll be asked for additional information, such as:

  • A list of workers/volunteers (personnel list)
  • The names of the minors participating in the program
  • The program itinerary
  • Additional information required for External Entities hosting Youth Programs, such as Facility Use Agreements and Certificates of Insurance. 

The dean, director, department hair, or chair of the department listed as the AU Sponsoring Unit will receive an email asking for approval of the event.

You will be able to see the background check and youth protection training status of your program's personnel. 


If you have questions about Youth Program registration, contact or 334-844-2626. 

All Youth Program Personnel, whether paid or volunteering, must successfully complete training on protecting Program Participants from abusive emotional and physical treatment and on reporting child abuse or neglect before working in or with Youth Programs.   This training must have been completed within a year prior to the Youth Program.

Training options include: 

Supplementary training:

  • Additional online training is available via the United Educators Online Training Website for those who would like to increase their knowledge on this topic: 
    • "Shine a Light" is designed for employees who do not work directly with children; This short video covers the warning signs of sexual abuse, locations to keep an eye on, and steps for reporting incidents or suspicions. 
    • "Protecting Children: Hiring Staff Who Work with Minors" shows higher education and K-12 hiring managers how to select the best people to help keep the children in their care safe.  
  • The State of Alabama Department of Human Resources provides a free online training for mandated reporters at



Background checks are required for Authorized Program Staff. 

Authorized Program Staff must successfully complete required background checks before working in or with Youth Programs.  Authorized Program Staff are individuals, whether paid or unpaid, who have direct contact with minors participating in Youth Programs.   Roles may include positions as counselors, coaches, instructors, etc. Authorized Program Staff are responsible for planning, teaching, coordinating, and carrying out activities and for the supervision of Program Participants in Youth Programs.

Direct contact is providing care, supervision, instruction, guidance, oversight, or control of minors and/or having routine interaction with minors in a Youth Program. 

Background checks are not required for temporary guest speakers, presenters, and other individuals who have no direct contact with program participants other than short-term activities supervised by Authorized Program Staff.  

If you have questions regarding who should have background checks, please contact or 334-844-2626. 

Please register your program with the Youth Protection Program. To start the background check process, submit the Youth Program Personnel List and Background Check Program Account Creation Form to Once these forms are submitted, the Program Contact will be contacted to start the background check process. All forms must be completed in their entirety. 

Background checks are $39.  Background checks with motor vehicle reports are $54.

Please note that the spreadsheet and setup form must be completed and uploaded at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of your event. Your event may be denied if adequate time is not given to complete all background checks. 





Forms and Templates:


NOTE:  These forms and templates were prepared for use by Auburn University-operated youth programs. External entities conducting youth programs that wish to use these forms should review the forms, consult with their legal counsel, and determine whether the forms are appropriate for use in their specific youth program.  No warranty is made that these documents are suitable for use by external entities. 


  • Emergency Plan Guide


  • Food Allergy, Intolerance, or Dietary Concern Form 
    • This form is used if a Participant has a food allergy, intolerance, or dietary concern.


  • General Information Form 
    • This form is used to request basic information about each Youth Program Participant, emergency contacts, and individuals authorized to pick up the Participant.  You may incorporate it into your online registration and remove information that is not relevant to your program (T-shirt size, etc.). 


  • Independent Contractor Insurance Requirements for Third-Party Operators of Auburn University Youth Programs 
    • These insurance requirements must be met by External Entities who are operating Third-Party Youth Programs.


  • Informed Consent, Voluntary Waiver, Release of Liability, & Assumption of Risks Form 
    • All in-person Youth Programs must use this document, including Third-Party Youth Programs.  Virtual Youth Programs must use the Virtual Youth Program Informed Consent, Voluntary Waiver, Release of Liability, & Assumption of Risks Form ( 


  • Media, Photo, & Video Release Form 
    • Use this if you will be taking photos or recordings of the Participants, or if the Participants will be producing works.


  • Medical Information and Release Form 
    • aubi.e/ypp-mirf
    • Use this form to request information regarding medical conditions, accommodations, medication, and authorizing medical care.  Be sure to store this information in a safe and confidential manner.


  • Medication Administration Record 
    • Use this form as a log of all medication taken by Participants during the program.


  • Medication Management Form: Parent/Guardian Authorization, Waiver, and Consent for Self-Administration of Prescription Medication
    • AU Youth Programs longer than 4 hours must use this form to request information regarding Participants’ medication.



  • Parent/Guardian Authorization, Waiver, and Consent for Over-the-Counter Medication Form 
    • Use this form if your Youth Program will have over-the-counter medication available for Participants.


  • Personal Reference Check for Youth Program Personnel 
    • These sample reference check questions may be used when hiring Youth Program Personnel.


  • Background Check Program Account Creation Form 
    • Submit this form to create an account for processing background checks of Youth Program Personnel.


  • Sample Screening Questions for Youth Program Employees and Volunteers 
    • These sample interview questions may be used when hiring Youth Program Personnel.



  • Virtual Youth Program Informed Consent, Voluntary Waiver, Release of Liability, & Assumption of Risks Form 
    • All virtual Youth Programs must use this document, including Third-Party Youth Programs.  Electronic signatures are acceptable. In-person Youth Programs must use the Informed Consent, Voluntary Waiver, Release of Liability, & Assumption of Risks Form ( 


  • Volunteer Agreement, Informed Consent, Voluntary Waiver, Release of Liability, & Assumption of Risks Form
    • This must be signed by all Youth Program Personnel who are volunteering for an AU-operated Youth Program, including employees who are volunteering off-the-clock for program activities outside the scope of their job duties.  If the volunteer is under age 19, it must be signed by the volunteer’s parent or guardian.


  • Youth Program Participant List
    • Excel Spreadsheet (Right Click and select "Save As/Save Link As" to download)
    • Use this or a similar form to track your Youth Program Participants and maintain the list for your records.  Only the participants' names are required to be uploaded in the Youth Protection Portal.


  • Youth Program Personnel List
    • Excel Spreadsheet (Right Click and select "Save As/Save Link As" to download)
    • Use this or a similar form to track all Youth Program Personnel (both paid and volunteer) who participate in the program.

If you have questions about the Youth Protection Program, please call 334-844-2626 or email



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