Radiation Safety Committee


Auburn University Radiation Safety Committee

This is Auburn University's standing committee on radiation and is responsible for the oversight of the Radiation Safety Program. Responsibilities include establishment of policies and procedures, compliance with appropriate state and federal regulations, review of all application and licenses for the use of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation at the University, and assurance that each person working with radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices is qualified by training and experience to safely perform such work.

Faculty: Six faculty members

Continuing/Ex Officio: Radiation Safety Officer, Associate Director of Risk Management and Safety, Assistant Vice President for Facilities or designee, Physics Department Head or designee, Director of the MRI Research Facility or designee, Representative of the largest radiation sources on campus

Restrictions: Three of the faculty should have knowledge of the safe use of ionizing radiation, including at least one faculty member with knowledge of laser safety and operation, one with knowledge of the use of radiation in experimental biological systems, and one versed in magnetic safety issues. The chair of the committee shall be a faculty member who has already completed one year of service on the committee. The Radiation Safety Officer serves as committee secretary.


2016-2017 Radiation Safety Committee Members

Chair, Edward Thomas (Physics) - Continuing

Secretary, Kara Beharry (Risk Management & Safety, Radiation Safety Officer) - Continuing

David Acker (Risk Management & Safety) - Continuing

Perry Wood (Facilities, Maintenance & Operations) - Continuing

James Hanson (Physics, Department Chair) - Continuing

Max Cichon (Physics) - Continuing

Wallace Berry (Poultry Science) - 2016

Gregory Hartwell (Physics) - 2017

Anne Gorden (Chemistry & Biochemistry) - 2017

Mahmoud Mansour (Veterinary Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology) - 2018

James Radich (Chemical Engineering) - 2018



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