Laser Safety Program

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The Principal Investigator (PI) must prepare a written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) describing the lab/laser specific procedures and precautions including the maintenance and alignment procedures for each Class 3B and/or Class 4 lasers and submit it to LSO for approval.

• In Lab-Specific Laser Safety Procedures page of the SOP, step-by-step instructions for the safe use of laser must be listed for each laser and must be available to all laser users and students, as applicable. These procedures must provide instruction on laser specific guidelines, special precautions, unusual conditions as well as login, system startup, alignment, routine maintenance, shutdown procedures, and logout procedures including all safety-related steps and any data recording procedures that are related to radiation safety.

• The detailed written alignment procedures must be posted in close vicinity of the laser. Refer to the Alignment Procedures for guidelines. The owner’s manual should also be available to operators.

• The PI is expected to ensure no individual operates the laser in any manner other than that prescribed in the normal operating procedures.

• Any procedure, maintenance or alignment that requires access to the laser beam with any local component of the system disassembled or removed requires prior approval by the LSO.


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