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Risk Managment & Safety Announces New Principles of Contracting Guide

12/9/2015 3:47:59 PM

Administrators, faculty, and staff, enter into thousands of contracts for a variety of activities, including outside services and supplies, facilities use, construction, copyright, and research every year. The failure to understand contracts or campus contracting procedures can result in unexpected and sometimes serious liability for educational institutions and employees involved in a contracting process. Additionally, Auburn University’s Signature Authority Policy intentionally restricts the number of employees who are authorized to enter into agreements on behalf of the University. 

To promote education about the process of contracting on campus and the roles of the various contracting offices, Risk Management & Safety and Payment & PRocuremeent Services has created the Principles of Contracting & Risk Transfer: A Guide for Auburn University. The information contained in this guide is meant to provide a general understanding of the complex issues that may arise during general contracting. This new document does not serve as legal advice but is a useful tool in that it summarizes the principles and best practices of university contracting. The next Human Resource and Development course on this topic will be held in June 2016.  Risk Managment & Safety and Payment & Procurement Services are happy to provide training to specific colleges, departments or units upon request. Please see our Contract Managment web page for more information and valuable tools.

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