Finances (last updated spring 2018)

There is a $80 fee to participate in recruitment.  The fee provides one shirt to wear to the two-day Philanthropy Round of parties.  If you would like additional shirts, there is a $13 fee for each additional shirt.  As the summer progresses, late fees are attached to recruitment.  If you wait until August, the fee is $300, so register early!

An important thing to consider when deciding to join a sorority should be whether or not you are able to meet the financial obligations.  Both you and your parents should be aware of the fees, dues, and other expenses.

Each sorority charges a new member fee when you join.  At initiation time, you will be charged an initiation fee.  As your membership continues, you will pay regular dues, either monthly or semesterly throughout your college career.

The cost of extras, like t-shirts, pictures, jewelry, and stationery varies with each individual. Although you are not required to purchase any of these things, most women choose to do so.  A photographer will be present at most sorority events, and t-shirts and sweatshirts are usually available for events as well.  In addition to purchasing shirts for themselves, many women also choose to purchase one for their date.  Pictures usually cost about $2 and shirts can be anywhere from $12 to $17.

In order to pay for the non-revenue space in sorority buildings, commonly referred to as Chapter Rooms, all sorority members are assessed a fee for the use of these facilities. This fee is called the “Panhellenic Facility Fee” and will appear on each student's bursar bill rather than be paid to the sorority. This fee will be about $150 per semester each fall and spring.

If you have any questions concerning the cost of belonging to a sorority, please feel free to ask the members during recruitment.  Here is an estimated average of sorority costs:

Sorority facility fee:  $150 each semester (paid directly to the university)

Pledge fee:  $135  (paid to the sorority one time)

Initiation fee:  $160  (paid to the sorority one time)

National dues:  $185 (paid to the sorority each year)

Semester dues:  $1180 [$590 per semester]  (paid to the sorority each year)

Possible additional costs per semester:  $230.00  (paid to the sorority)

Total cost of first year:  $2040 (includes $300 facility fee)

Total cost of each other year:  $1,755 (includes $300 facility fee)

Please remember that a sorority’s actual cost will vary from the above numbers and are within 15% of these estimates. Also, please be aware that each of our sororities offers payment plan options.

Last Updated: 3/23/2018