Rodney Greer, PhD


Auburn Research Faculty Symposium

The purpose of the annual faculty symposium is to promote connections among researchers and creative scholars and to increase the visibility of our work across diverse audiences.  Research and creative scholarship are central to the continuing vitality and mission of Auburn University. Through their expertise and collaboration, Auburn University faculty members create an environment that promotes innovation and builds knowledge, contributing in important and tangible ways to economic development and advancement of society.

The 2021 Spring Virtual Symposium featured:

  • Research posters with video/audio overviews presented by faculty across AU and AUM
  • Moderated Auburn Talks Panels: Build Resilient Societies; Create a More Secure World; Create Intelligent Solutions; Improve Health and Wellbeing
  • Research Roundtables: The Center for Clinical and Translational Science; The AU-UAB Telehealth Network; Communicating Science; Intellectual Property