Our team of experienced OIT professionals, backed by top-notch student programmers, stands ready to help your department or office with creating, supporting and maintaining web applications to meet a wide variety of needs.

So, why choose CWS instead of hiring your own student programmer or outsourcing?

When you choose OIT’s Campus Web Solutions team, you remain in charge of all aspects of your site. We are available whenever the university is open to provide updates, debugging and support of all kinds. Once your project is launched, you may wish to have your own staff do routine maintenance tasks such as updating photos or changing dates. We will train and support them in this. If you need changes made quickly, this gives you maximum control and allows you to keep your content current.

Students are a great web development resource - energetic, aware of cutting edge technologies and at the peak of their learning ability. However, most of them only stay in Auburn for a few years. Our team is committed to enforcing standards and guidelines that make 'passing the baton' of your project a routine and seamless process rather than a show-stopper. Long after the person who created it is gone, your project will be functional, flexible and updateable.

  • Initial consultation and concept creation
  • Design and development
  • Usability and functionality testing
  • Database creation, integration and maintenance
  • Usability review
  • Debugging and upgrade of existing web pages and sites
  • ADA compliance review
  • .NET programming support
  • Documentation
  • End-user training
  • Webmaster support
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you have an idea, let's talk about it.

  • Audience feedback gathering such as surveys and questionnaires
  • SharePoint site creation and maintenance
  • One-time and ongoing event registrations
  • AU Access channel creation and maintenance
  • Location-independent data entry and report generation
  • Polling and voting
  • Flexible, interactive report generation
  • Selected target audiences based on Active Directory membership using Auburn University User Names and passwords
  • Robust input validation and data security
  • Highly interactive user interfaces
  • Tie-in with existing university directory information such as phone numbers, addresses and organizational structures

To get a quote, start by sending us a message outlining your needs. We will call you or reply and set up an initial consultation. We'll help you weigh options and decide the best solution for your needs.

Next, we will prepare an estimate of total cost and a project timeline. Once we receive your go-ahead and a university FOP, we begin a complete development process including these phases, with your input and approval at each step:

  1. Discovery - gather requirements and specifications
  2. Design - prepare project plan with scheduled timeline and list of deliverables, create page layouts, design data structures, identify data sources
  3. Development - coding of functionality for each user interface
  4. Testing - client and field testing to assure usability, functionality, and security
  5. Launch - finalize and approve all documentation and promotion and go live
  6. Maintenance - periodic update of time-sensitive information, debug unanticipated issues, adjust for browser updates, add new features and make client-requested tweaks

All projects are billed to an Auburn University FOP account.

Campus Web Solutions has an extensive portfolio. This list represents some of the general types of sites that we have developed.

  • Website redesign and content management (text, files, and images on all pages editable by the client with only a web browser) - Syllabi, Medical Center, and many others
  • Surveys - President's Strategic Planning Survey
  • Voting - Administrative and Professional Officer Elections, University Senate Elections
  • Complete database driven solutions with end-user and administrator interfaces - Campus Event Planning System, Greek Life Office
  • State-wide data collection and reporting for on-campus offices - Lab Safety Inventory for Risk Management & Safety, Alabama Science in Motion manuals and materials for teachers, specialists, and students
  • Event registration - English as Second Language Program
  • Credit card payment - Giving to Auburn

Work. Learn.

As employees of OIT, we develop websites that people use. Our projects transform web experiences all over campus. From ASIM to the Campus Map to AU Lease, our applications drive workflows and deliver reliability.

Our colleagues are respectful and friendly, and our work is progressive and fulfilling. But more importantly, our work and mentors teach us. They guide us to another level as students, software developers, and future employees.

They build us. We build the web. Could you be the next to join our team?

  • Build your resume with valuable work experience.
  • Gain real-world programming and teamwork skills.
  • Contribute to the mission of Auburn University.

Join a highly motivated team of student web developers using cutting edge technology to provide a variety of creative solutions to real-world problems by developing, designing, and maintaining customized web applications for offices and units around campus.

Are you interested in the full-time Co-op program? If so, please plan to interview with us at the next Co-Op Interview Day. Are you available part-time for at least 15 hours per week during the times our office is open, from 7:45 am - 4:45 pm M-F? This is not night or weekend work. Also, it takes awhile to get trained and up to speed, so we like to keep our student employees for at least two semesters. If you can develop Microsoft .NET MVC web pages using Visual Studio and believe you're a good match for our team, please post your resume on jobs.auburn.edu.

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Positions on our team open frequently. When applying, please provide your current major and GPA.

C# programming and SQL experience desirable

Last Updated: November 08, 2016