alcInnovative Teaching and Learning

The scholarship of teaching and learning is a priority within the School of Nursing and supports our philosophy of applying evidence based principles in both teaching and practice. A specific interest is the integration of technology into teaching and learning and to explore the impact of those changes on student learning outcomes. 




Research priorities in this area include development of:

  • Environments that support diverse groups of students,
  • Teaching strategies that place the focus of education on the learner,
  • Strategies that promote student success,
  • Methods to incorporate technology, simulation, and informatics, and
  • Approaches that promote interprofessional collaboration.

The following are links where research/scholarship activities are ongoing within the School of Nursing:


The latest technology is now available for students to learn, practice and evaluate their essential nursing skills. A large skills lab and advanced simulation suite with 12 hi-fidelity mannequins and four observation areas will make student and faculty experiences more efficient and effective. Research opportunities are being explored.

ePortfolio Project and Student Learning Outcomes