Membership Intake & Development 

How can I find out more about the NPHC organizations at Auburn University?

Attend “Meet the Greeks” of course!  At the beginning of every semester, Auburn University’s NPHC  hosts the event called,  "Meet the Greeks". This is an opportunity for those persons who are unsure about the process to meet and greet all of the fraternities or sororities in order to ask questions and obtain more information regarding the organization’s history, informational, academic and financial obligations, and on-campus events without the fear of showing preference for one organization over another. 

It is important that each interested student take the time to learn about the history, aims, and national programs of each organization before joining any NPHC fraternity or sorority to fully appreciate and understand the depth of Black Greek Letter Organizations

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Are there requirements to join a NPHC organization?

Please note that none of the NPHC organizations at Auburn University allow undergraduates to join until they have completed at least one semester of school and have proven themselves academically.  Some organizations require that one full year of academics be completed before they can begin to discuss the membership intake process for their organization.  The intake process begins in the spring semester for some organizations and occurs in the fall for others.

Generally, the actual intake process begins with an informational meeting. At the informational meeting, interested students are invited to learn more about a specific organization and the specifics of the application process and financial obligations for that organization. 
Each organization has individual intake requirements, membership requirements, initiation dates, and membership dues. 
However, each organization will have an academic and financial responsibility to maintain while at Auburn University

After the applications have been approved, the membership education program begins.  There are three important components in the membership intake process: (1) a pre-induction/orientation period, (2) the final induction ceremony, and (3) an in-depth education program.  Each organization has its own ritual ceremony, but all basically have the objective that this rite is intended to be impressive. 

  What are the financial obligations of becoming a member?

Greek-letter organizations have been self-sufficient since their inception. Fraternities and sororities pay their own way, through dues, membership fees, and, often, one-time initiation fees.  The cost of membership in a Greek organization varies and each organization has its own financial obligations and specific requirements for membership. 

The following are financial estimates for membership:
Average cost of initiation for a NPHC sorority: $700 - $2,500
Average cost of initiation for a NPHC fraternity: $800 - $2,000
Average cost of Yearly or Semesterly dues: $50 - $400

Please note that once in the organization, there are other purchases that may or may not be required including: T-shirts, Stepshows, Regional and National Conferences, Off-campus events, etc. More information regarding the financial obligations will be addressed at each organization's informational meeting. Make sure when considering to join any organization that you will be financially able to cover the required expenses. 

Membership to a NPHC fraternity or sorority is a life-long commitment, not just a college experience!
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