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Building Name Link URL
3-D Arts Studio Building
Academic Classroom & Laboratory Complex (ACLC)
Advanced Structural Engineering Laboratory
Ag Heritage Park Pavilion
Ag Heritage Park:Herdsman House
Ag Heritage Park:Lowder Red Barn
Ag Heritage Park:Lowder Red Barn
Alfa Agricultural Building
Alpha Gamma Rho
Alpha Psi
Alpha Tau Delta
Alumni Center
Andrews Forestry Research Laboratory
Announcer's Box, Arena
Aquatic Res. Ctr. Admin Building
Aquatic Res. Ctr. Laboratory
ARTF Building
ARTF Building
Athletics Complex
Athletics Video Services Bldg
AU Air Transportation Hangar
AU Maintenance Hangar
AU Regional Airport Terminal
Aubie Residence Hall
Aviary Research Greenhouse
Aviary Research Laboratory 1
Aviary Research Laboratory 2
Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital
Band Field
Band Field Pavilion
Band Field Storage Trailer 1
Band Field Storage Trailer 2
Band Field Storage Trailer 3
Band Rehearsal Hall, Storage
Barn (State)
Barn, Assisted Reproductive Tech
Bartlett Lameness Arena
Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum
Bee Laboratory
Beta Theta Pi
Beta Theta Pi Activities Building
Biggin Hall
Biggin-Woltosz House
Biodiversity Learning Center
Biological Engineering Research Laboratory (BERL)
Biological Research Facility
Bioresource Lab
Boyd Residence Hall
Broun Hall
Broun Residence Hall
Brown-Kopel Engineering Student Achievement Center
Bull Testing Facility
Cambridge Residence Hall
Campus Recreation SportsPlex: Field House
Campus Recreation Trailer 1
Campus Recreation Trailer 2
Campus Safety & Security
Carson Barn - Beef Receiving
Cary Hall
Cater Hall
Center for Advanced Science, Innovation and Commerce (CASIC)
Central Dining Commons
Chemical Storage
Chemistry Building
Chi Phi
Child Care Center
Chilled Water Plant - Duncan Drive
Chilled Water Plant - Lem Morrison Drive
Chilled Water Plant - Veterinary Medicine
Comer Hall
Community Room Building
Corley Building
Crop Improvement Assoc. Bld.
CVM Building A
CVM Building B1
CVM Building B2
CVM Building C
CVM Building D
CVM Building E
CVM Building F
CVM Building G
CVM Multipurpose Building
Dairy Barn
Davis Arboretum Pavilion
Davis Arboretum Storage
Davis Hall
Dawson Building
Delta Air Lines Aviation Education Building
Delta Chi
Delta Sigma Phi
Delta Tau Delta
District Energy Plant
Dowdell Residence Hall
Draughon Library and Mell Classroom Building
Draughon Village Hemlock Dr 103
Draughon Village Laundry
Draughon Village Shop Storage
Dudley Commons
Dudley Hall
Dudley Shop
Duncan Hall
Eagle Center
Eagle Crossing
East Alabama Health: Auburn Medical Pavilion
East Glenn Administrative Complex
Environ. Health & Safety Bld 1
Environ. Health & Safety Bld 2
Environ. Health & Safety Bld 3
Equestrian Center Arena Pavilion
Equestrian Center Barn A
Equestrian Center Team Support Building
Equine Research Lab Building
Extension Hall
Facilities Division Roof Shop
Facilities Division Shed
Facilities Equipment Pole Barn
Facilities Management 1
Facilities Management 3
Facilities Management 4
Facilities Management 5
Facilities Management 6
Facilities Management 7
Facilities Management 8
Facilities Management Building 9
Facilities Management Greenhouse 1
Facilities Management Greenhouse 2
Facilities Mgmt Portable Office
Facilities Mgmt Trailer 2
Facilities Mgmt Trailer 4
Facilities Mgmt Trailer 5
Fahbeatoxic Research Laboratory
Farm House Storage
Farm Maintenance Shop
Federal (USDA)
Federal (USDA)
Federal (USDA)
Federal (USDA)
Federal (USDA)
Federal (USDA)
Federal (USDA)
Federal (USDA)
Fisheries Biodiversity Research Laboratory
Food Animal Research Facility
Forensic Science Building
Forest Products Laboratory
Forestry, Wildlife and Environment Building
Foy Hall
Funchess Hall
Gavin Engineering Research Laboratory
Genetic Lab Annex
Genetics Laboratory
Gestation House 1
Gestation House 2
Glenn Residence Hall
Gogue Performing Arts Center
Golden House
Goodwin Hall
Goodwin-Adams Equine Reproduction Center
Gorrie Center
Graves Cottage
Greene Hall
Greene Hall Annex
Greenhouse (Forestry)
Greenhouse 1
Greenhouse A, Plant Growth Res.
Greenhouse B, Plant Growth Res.
Griffin Barn - Equine
Haley Center
Halliday Cary Pick House
Harbert Center
Hardaway Broodmare Facility
Hargis Hall
Harper Residence Hall
Hay Barn
Header House #2
Hitchcock Field
Hoerlein Hall
Holloway Residence Hall
Horton Hardgrave Hall
Hot Water Plant - Duncan Drive
Hot Water Plant - Veterinary Medicine
Hotel/Dixon Conference Center
HRD Training Facility
Hutsell-Rosen Track
Hutsell-Rosen Track Control Bldg
Hutsell-Rosen Track Restrooms
Hutsell-Rosen Track Storage #1
Hutsell-Rosen Track Storage #2
Impound Lot Guard Shack
Indoor Practice Facility
Information Technology Building
Ingram Hall
Intramural Field House
Intramural Playing Field
Intramural Softball Field
Ireland Center
Isolation Bldg 2 (Veterinary)
Jack Key Golf Teaching Facility
Jane. B. Moore Field
Jordan-Hare Stadium
Kappa Alpha
Kappa Alpha Activities Bldg
Keller Residence Hall
Kentucky VMA Barn - Equine
Kinesiology Building
Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve
Lambda Chi Alpha
Lane Residence Hall
Langdon Annex
Langdon Hall
Langdon Steam Plant
Large Animal Isolation Facility
Leach Science Center
Leischuck Residence Hall
Linear Accelerator Laboratory
Little Residence Hall
Lowder Hall
Lowder Student Athlete Dev Cent.
Lupton Residence Hall
Magnolia Residence Hall
Mailroom Building
Martin Aquatics Center
Martin Hall
Matthews Residence Hall
McClary Barn - Dairy Hospital
McWhorter Center
Medical Clinic
Melton Student Center
Miller Center: Administration Building
Miller Center: Alabama Poultry and Egg Association Nutrition Building
Miller Center: National Poultry Technology Center
Miller Center: Processing Plant
Miller Hall
Mises Institute
Moore Softball Complex - Player Development Building
Moore Softball Complex & Pressbox
Neville Arena
Nichols Center
North T-Hangar A
North T-Hangar B
North T-Hangar C
North T-Hangar D
Nursing Building
Oak Residence Hall
Office, (ADS)/ Main Feed Bldg
Office, Turf Grass
Owen Residence Hall
Parker Hall
Parking Deck, Campus Green
Parking Deck, Draughon Library
Parking Deck, North Park
Parking Deck, South College Street
Parking Deck, South Donahue
Parking Deck, South Quad
Parking Services
Pasco Building
Pat Dye Field
Paterson Environmental Chamber
Paterson Greenhouse 1
Paterson Greenhouse 2
Paterson Greenhouse 3
Paterson Greenhouse 4
Paterson Greenhouse 5
Paterson Greenhouse 6
Paterson Greenhouse 7
Paterson Greenhouse 8
Paterson Greenhouse Boiler
Paterson Hammer Mill
Paterson Pesticide Storage Bldg
Paterson Potting / Mixing Shed
Paterson Retractable Greenhouse
Paterson Storage & Refrigeration
Paterson Storage Building
Pebble Hill: Annex Building
Pebble Hill: Lowrey Guest House
Pebble Hill: Scott-Yarbrough House
Peet Theatre
Pesticide Research Laboratory
Pesticide Storage 1
Pesticide Storage 2
Pesticide Storage 3
Pesticide Storage Main
Petrie Hall
Pharmaceutical Research Building
Phi Gamma Delta
Phi Kappa Tau
Phi Sigma Kappa
Pi Kappa Alpha
Pi Kappa Phi
Pi Kappa Phi
Pi Kappa Phi Activities Bldg
Pitts Hangar 3
Pitts Hangar 4
Pitts Hangar 5
Pitts Hangar 6
Pitts Hangar 7
Plainsman Park: Player Development Center
Plainsman Park: Rehab Center
Plainsman Park: Samford Stadium
Plainsman Residence Hall
Plant Science Research Center
Pool Equipment Building
Post Mortem Bldg
Poultry Disease Research Lab A
Poultry Disease Research Lab B
Poultry Science Building
President Garden House
President Garden Pavilion
President House
President's Garage
Pump House
Pumphrey Avenue Building
Pumphrey Avenue Building 2
Pumphrey Avenue Storage Building
Quad Center
R&MCFL: Jobsite Classroom
R&MCFL: Shop Building
Ramsay Hall
Rane Culinary Science Center
Raptor Center: Bartlett Hospital
Raptor Center: Hospital Mews
Raptor Ctr:Laster/Clark Training
Recreation & Wellness Center
Research and Innovation Center
Research Park
RIC Supporting Building
Richards House
Risk Management and Safety Building
Ross Hall
Rouse Life Sciences Bldg
Samford Hall
Sasnett Residence Hall
Satellite Uplink Building
Scales Shed
Sciences Center Auditorium Bldg
Sciences Center Classroom Bldg
Sciences Center Laboratory Bldg
Scott-Ritchey Building B
Scott-Ritchey Research Center
Screenhouse (Insectory)
Screenhouse (Insectory)
Seed Processing Plant
Seedling Stress Lab
Shade House (Horticulture)
Shed, Sawmill
Shelby Center for Engineering Technology
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Sigma Chi
Sigma Chi Activities Bldg
Sigma Nu
Sigma Nu Activities Bldg
Sigma Phi Epsilon
Sigma Pi
Smith Hall, M.W.
Smith Hall, O.D.
Smith Museum of Art
Soccer & Track Facility
Soccer Field
Soccer Field Pressbox
Soccer Field Pumphouse
Soil & Plant Samples Building
South Donahue Residence Hall
Spidle Hall
SREC Pump House
SREC Storage Building
SREC: Breeding/Gestation
SREC: Feed Mill
SREC: Growing/Finishing
SREC: Laboratory/Office
SREC: Nursery & Farrowing
Stallion Barn
State (Gilmer-Turnham Bldg.)
State (Pesticide Lab) Storage
State (Pesticide Laboratory)
State Diagnostics Lab Building
Storage (Horticulture)
Storage, Forestry
Storage/Utility Bldg, Turf Grass
Student Activities Center
Sugg Calf Barn
Sugg Hay Barn
Sugg Laboratory
Sunny Slope
Swine Farrowing Barn
Swingle Hall
Talon Residence Hall
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Teague Residence Hall
Telecom Tower Building
Telecomm and ETV Film Lab
Telecomm and ETV Scene Shop
Television Studio Building
Terrell Dining Hall
Thach Hall
Theta Chi
Theta Chi Activities Bldg
Theta Xi
Tichenor Hall
Tiger Rags Building
Toomer's Corner
Trailer, Interior Design
Upchurch Hall
USDA Research Lab
USDA Soil Tillage Lab
Vaughan Large Animal Hospital
VCOM Building
Veterinary Aquatic Pathobiology
Veterinary Education Center
Village View Dining Facility
Walker Building
Wallace Hall
Walter MRI Research Building
Ware Diagnostic Imaging Center
Washrack Storage Building
Watson Fieldhouse
Wellness Kitchen
Whitten House
Wiggins Hall
Williams Family Barn
Wilmore Laboratories
Wilson Beef Teaching Center
Wolfe Barn - Beef Hospital
Woltosz Engineering Research Lab
Woltosz Football Performance Center