Diversity Resources

  Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity
Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity web site

  Africana Studies
The Program in Africana Studies is part of the larger Auburn University mission to generate and distribute new knowledge on people of African origin, both Continental Africans and African Diaspora, especially those in the United States and the other nations of the Americas.

  Auburn University Factbook
The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

  Commissions and Committees

  Diversity Development Magazine
We Believe in Each Other - a guide to diversity at Auburn

  Diversity Handbook
Auburn University Diversity Handbook

  Diversity Newsletter
Semesterly published newsletter highlighting the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs programs, activities, and staff

  Diversity Training

  Future Faculty Visitation Program
Future Faculty Visitation Program

  Human Resources
Human Resources Web site

  Knight Settlement Agreement
2006 Settlement Agreement entered in Federal district court ending the Knight lawsuit against Auburn. A PDF file of the full text.

  Knight Settlement Report
Knight Settlement Report - 2013

  Multicultural Center
Multicultural Center Web site

  President's Diversity Statement

  Program for Students with Disabilities
Program for Students with Disabilities web site

  Strategic Diversity Plan
Strategic Diversity Plan published July 26, 2005 and revised May 31, 2006

  Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Institute
Programs to support girls and women at all levels in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) at Auburn University and in external communities.

  Women's Initiatives
Programs to to encourage women to thrive and succeed to their fullest potential through education, support, and networking.

  Women's Leadership Institute
Women's Leadership Institute

  Women's Resource Center
Information and resources for Auburn's campus on women's initiatives, programs, and issues

  Women's Studies Program
Women's Studies Program

Last Updated: 4/29/2013