Provost Leadership Undergraduate Scholarship (PLUS)

Increasing student diversity is a top strategic priority for Auburn University. Funds are used to provide renewable scholarships to underrepresented students that participate in the nationally acclaimed and highly successful Auburn University PLUS Retention Program. Selection for PLUS is not dependent on standardized test scores.

Tekisha Rice

Tekisha Rice
Human Development & Family Studies
Birmingham, AL

What was your experience like with the PLUS scholarship and how has the PLUS scholarship helped you as a student?

My experience with PLUS has been great.  Because of PLUS I quickly learned studying and time management skills which has played a large part in my academic success thus far. The support of the PLUS coordinators in literally all aspects of life (from being locked out of my car on a weekend to identifying graduate programs and helping me narrow my focus for career goals) has also been a very strong support during my time here at Auburn.  Knowing that no matter the situation, there is someone there to support and guide me  has been an extreme source of comfort for me. Aside from equipping me with the skills necessary to succeed academically, PLUS has made it possible for me to remain at Auburn through its financial support. 

Would you recommend this scholarship to other students?

I would definitely recommend PLUS to other students. Specifically those who seek not only financial assistance, but also the skills needed to succeed in college and the community and support required to keep you sane during college. PLUS definitely isn't for everyone, you get out of it what you put in and those that stay and the program definitely benefit from and appreciate it.

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