Diversity Council – Associate Provost


The Diversity Council will provide a forum for developing and implementing diversity programs in colleges, schools, and administrative units; and will promote cooperation and collaboration among units on matters concerning diversity.

The Council will be guided by the Strategic Diversity Plan and university diversity policies and initiatives.

Note: The Diversity Council will not develop policies since that is purview of the Multicultural Diversity Commission.

Members (25)

Diversity Officers (responsible for developing and implementing diversity programs) from each of the following colleges, schools, and offices:

Colleges and Schools

1.   Agriculture Yolanda Brady (Associate Professor )
2.   Architecture, Design & Construction Salman Azhar (Associate Professor)
  Carla Jackson Bell (Director, Multicultural Affairs)
3.   Business Sarah Stanwick (Management)
4.   Education Jared Russell (Associate Professor)
5.   Samuel Ginn College of Engineering Nels Madsen (Associate Dean)
6.   Forestry and Wildlife Brenda Allen (Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist)
7.   Graduate School George Crandell (Associate Dean)
8.   Human Sciences Kelly Martin (Student Services Coordinator)
9.   Liberal Arts Giovanna Summerfield (Associate Dean)
10. Nursing Valarie Thomas (Clinical Lecturer)
11. Harrison School of Pharmacy Paul Jungnickel (Associate Dean)
12. Sciences and Mathematics Vincent Ortiz (Chair, Chemistry & Biochemistry)
13. Veterinary Medicine Saralyn Smith-Carr (Associate Professor)
Other Administrative Units 
14. Alabama Cooperative Ext. Sys. Chris McClendon (Manager, HR)
15. Enrollment Services Allison Doty (Assistant Director, University Recruitment)
16. Facilities Division Zilun Fan (Accountant)
17. Libraries Pam Whaley (Librarian III)
18. Student Affairs Lady Cox (Interim Assistant Vice President)
19. Undergraduate Studies Kathryn Jarvis (Director, Student Academic Support)
20. Auxiliary Services Bob Ritenbaugh (Assistant Vice President)
Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs 
21. Access & Community Initiatives Paulette Patterson Dilworth (Assistant Vice Pres)
22. Diversity Faculty Mentor Curtis Jolly (Chair, Agric Econ & Rural Soc)
23. Women’s Initiatives Donna Sollie (Assistant Provost)
24. Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Overtoun Jenda (Associate Provost)


Meetings: Four times (2 per semester) during the academic year, and once during the summer semester.


Last Updated: 3/19/2014