About Diversity at Auburn

Diversity at Auburn University encompasses the whole of human experience and includes such human qualities as race, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, and veteran status. These and other socially and historically important attributes reflect the complexity of our increasingly diverse student body, local community, and national population.


Diversity is a core value at Auburn University. The Office for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs strives to offer a comprehensive range of exemplary educational programs that foster and sustain an environment that promotes academic excellence, respects differences, and accepts inclusiveness.

Auburn University recognizes and values the considerable educational benefits emanating from diversity as we prepare our students for life and leadership in a multicultural world. Students who interact with and learn about people from a variety of backgrounds are more apt to understand, appreciate, and excel in the community they inhabit. In this context, diversity is aligned with Auburn University’s land grant mission of providing its students with a superior education in service to the needs of Alabama, the nation, and the world.

The primary purpose of the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs is to accomplish the mission set forth in Auburn University's Strategic Diversity Plan (SDP): Establish diversity as a core value at Auburn University.

Auburn University Diversity Goals

  Create, promote, and encourage a supportive and friendly campus environment that is welcoming for, and attractive to people of all races, ethnicity, nationalities, religions, gender, sexual orientation, and those with disabilities. (SDP Goal 1)

  Assist Auburn University in its efforts to recruit and retain minority and women faculty, students, and staff at all levels. (SDP Goal 2)

  Develop and strengthen alliances with external communities to support diversity in and outside of Auburn University. (SDP Goal 4)

  Develop efforts that enhance external support for diversity programs and scholarships. (SDP Goal 1,2)

  Foster a community that values diversity through educational and training programs. (SDP Goal 3)

  Regularly monitor and assess Auburn University's diversity efforts for effectiveness, identify new and better "best practices" for success, and publish reports for dissemination. (SDP Goal 1,5)



Last Updated: 4/17/2013