Interview Day

What you can expect to find when coming to Co-Op Interview Day at Auburn University to interview potential co-op students.

Interviews are held at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center. When entering the hotel, you will be directed to a check in table that has been set up for employers and students.

Employers will check in on the left side of the table. Here interviewers will be greeted by Ms. Mary Richardson, receive a name badge, and be shown where they will be conducting interviews.

Students will check in on the right side of the table with Ms. Teresa Jernigan. They will be instructed in where to wait and how they will be notified when it is time for their interview(s).


Interviewers as well as students are notified 5 minutes before each set of interviews. This gives the interviewer time to wrap up and get ready for the next interview. We also make an announcement when it is time to begin the interviews. Interviews occur every 30 minutes beginning at 8:30 AM and the last interview starting at 4:00 PM. Students will be instructed to wait outside of the interview area until time to begin their interview.

Interviews are conducted in the Ballroom area of The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center.


Refreshments and an employer luncheon are provided for all company representatives.