• Co-Op is the most important part of my education at Auburn. Work experience opened more doors than anything else.
    Building Science

  • Of all the programs I have participated in at Auburn, Co-Op was the best, most organized, helpful program and was most important to my future employment and career.
    Operations Management

  • The experience was what helped me to get a job before graduating - INVALUABLE!
    Industrial & Systems Engineering

  • I received experience in the work force which helped me pay for college.
    Civil Engineering

  • It gave me real-life experience in a corporate environment that I feel gave me a step up on everyone else entering the workforce.
    Information Systems Management and Finance

  • The Co-Op Program helped me develop skills, such as public speaking and team work, that I otherwise would not have learned in school alone.
    Mechanical Engineering

  • I learned how to apply what I was studying to my job, learned time management and how to work with others.  Co-Op helped me to learn how to interview better and to know and understand what employers expect.
    Chemical Engineering

  • I was hired because of experience...Best idea yet in college!
    Electrical Engineering

  • This was my only related work, experience, so without this experience, I would have had nothing to set me apart from others in my field.
    Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering

  • This was one of the best experiences I have done.  My resume is much stronger.
    Computer Science

  • My co-op job helped me decide what I wanted to do and gave me work experience that I could not have gained in school.
    Aerospace Engineering

  • Co-Op helped me to learn to have a proactive approach to work.
    Entrepreneurship & Family Business

  • A lot of people graduate with engineering degrees, but not everyone has experience behind their diploma. That will make me stand out from the pack.
    Mechanical Engineering