Student Benefits/Advantages. . . as reported by program graduates:
  • Enhances classroom learning and adds relevance to education by integrating academic theory and real
    work experience
  • Provides a means of earning money to cover a significant portion of college expenses
  • Develops maturity, leadership, and social skills
  • Provides contact with potential future employers
  • Enables students to retain full-time student status while working
  • Confirms or redirects career decision-making through on-the-job experience in a chosen field. .. since
    co-ops "test drive" their career
  • Teaches valuable job-search skills such as career assessment, resume writing and interviewing techniques
  • Provides an opportunity to test classroom learning in the laboratory of the real world
  • Helps to develop important professional skills including presentation, writing and technical skills
  • Team work is developed by working with skilled professionals
  • Confidence is increased when students know they can successfully perform in the workplace. . .where it really counts
  • Breaks from school help students to not get "bored" with school
  • Is often a catalyst for students improving their grades
  • Enables students  to gain a clearer picture of career objectives
  • Improves employment prospects at graduation by providing students with transferable, relevant work experience. . . since may employers only hire people with experience in the field
  • Often leads to higher starting salaries at graduation than other graduates