Award Recipients

Once each year a single co-op student is chosen to receive the Frank Vandegrift Award. This award recognizes Auburn's most outstanding engineering co-op student for the year.

Rachel E. Helm ECEN Weston Solutions, Inc. 2017 gold star
Andrew C. Bates MECH Rheem Water Heating 2016 gold star
Andrea K. Charlton ELEC Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics 2015 gold star
Heather N. Neely SWEN ADTRAN, Inc. 2014 gold star
Lauren P. McManus AERO L-3 Communications Integrated Systems 2013 gold star
Brian J. Pappas ECPE Southern Company Transmission 2012 gold star
Arthur James "A.J." Duncan ECPE ADTRAN, Inc. 2011 gold star
Evan J. Everett WIRE NASA - Johnson Space Center 2010 gold star
Sara E. Tourville CHEN ExxonMobil Corporation 2009
John Ryan O'Farrell SWEN NASA - John F. Kennedy Space Center 2008
Mustafi Ali ECPE VT Miltope 2007
David C. Last ECPE ADTRAN, Inc. 2006 gold star
Mark A. Whitt MECH Briggs & Stratton Corporation 2005 gold star
Victoria L. Salazar MATL NASA - John F. Kennedy Space Center 2004 gold star
Juan C. Boulton CHEN Solutia, Inc. 2003 gold star
Didem Z. Genc AERO Center for Advanced Vehicle Electronics 2002
Casey L. Hatcher ELEC Lab for Electronics Assembly & Packaging 2001
Jacqueline H. Cole MECH Rheem Manufacturing Company 2000
Chad D. Jones MECH AVEX Electronics 1999
Candice L. Wallace MECH NASA - Johnson Space Center 1998 gold star
Larry T. Lowe ELEC Simulation Technologies (SimTech) 1997 gold star
John C. Young ELEC ADTRAN, Inc. 1996
John W. Sudduth, Jr. ELEC Intergraph Corporation 1995 gold star
Bryan A. Robertson ELEC NASA - Marshall Space Flight Center 1994 gold paw
Jon E. Mooney ELEC Martin Marietta Energy Systems 1993
Jerard T. Smith MECH Diversified Products Corporation 1992
Timothy M. Sanders AERO NASA - John F. Kennedy Space Center 1991
Patricia G. Melton ELEC Alabama Power Company 1990
Wayne T. Padgett ELEC Intergraph Corporation 1989 gold paw
Eric A. Steelreath CHEN International Paper Company 1988

gold star Recognized as Co-Op of the Year in Alabama by the Alabama Association of Colleges & Employers
gold paw  Recognized as Co-Op of the Year in Alabama by the Alabama College Co-Op & Placement Association