CFS sends student Adam Kelly to Research Symposium

The Center for Forest Sustainability was able to send Adam Kelly to the Low Impact Development Researchers Symposium. Urban and Rural interface studies relates to numerous disciplines. The symposium proved an excellent opportunity for those involved in the field of storm water management to share ideas and techniques concerning the reintroduction of storm water runoff from impervious surfaces into the natural water table. Although field techniques varied slightly from person to person, everyone present shared concern for responsible water use. Adam is an aspiring ecologist with experience in large scale research projects. His interest lies in the relationship between humans and the rest of nature. Adam wrote an article detailing his conference experience called  A Comprehensive Update of the Design and Implementation of Low Impact Development Practices.  Catherine Priester, contributed to this article as an upcoming biosystems engineer. She is concerned with the global availability of fresh water and is interested in designing sustainable water use systems.

                               Adam Kelly

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