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Conversion of land from rural to urban use usually represents direct and indirect changes in wildlife habitat. The CFS supports a wide array of research related to wildlife at the urban-rural interface including such issues as exotic species, human-animal interactions, wildlife physiology, and biodiversity.

A list of CFS supported publications related to wildlife is provided below.

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Cox, C., W. Morse, L. Marzen, and C. Anderson.2014 Applying public participation geographic information systems to wildlife management. Human Dimensions of Wildlife DOI:
Kyle Barrett,, Stephen T. Samoray, Brian S. Helms, Craig Guyer2012Southern Two-Lined Salamander Diets in Urban and Forested Streams in Western GeorgiaSOUTHEASTERN NATURALIST
Barrett, K., S.T. Samoray, B.S. Helms, and C. Guyer2012Southern Two-Lined Salamander diets in urban and forested streams in western GeorgiaSoutheastern Naturalist 11: 287-296
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Barrett, K., C. Guyer, and D. Watson2010Water from urban streams slows growth and speeds metamorphosis in Fowler's Toad (Bufo fowleri) larvaeJournal of Herpetology 44: 297-300
Barrett, K., B.S. Helms, C. Guyer, and J.E. Schoonover2010Linking process to pattern: causes of stream-breeding amphibian decline in urbanized watershedsBiological Conservation 143: 1998-2005
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Stratford, J.A. and W.D. Robinson2005Distribution of neotropical migratory bird species across an urbanizing landscapeUrban Ecosystems 8: 59-77

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