Many of the CFS projects have attracted external funding and collaborators from numerous sources including:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration United States Department of Agriculture National Research Initiative
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Alabama Association of Conservation Districts
National Science Foundation United States Geological Survey
United States Forest Service City of Trussville
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

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Principal InvestigatorsCollaborators/DepartmentProject TitleStatus
Puneet Srivastava, Latif KalinBiosystems Engineering, SFWSModeling climate and land use change impacts on hydrology across urban-rural gradientActive
Graeme LockabySFWSInfluence of urbanization in coastal Florida on water quantity and qualityActive
Christina Romagosa, Craig GuyerBiological SciencesDoes urbanization facilitate biological invasions by non-native vertebrates imported through live animal trade?Active
Chris AndersonSFWSEvaluation of Urban Land Use and Roadway Crossings on Headwater, Slope Wetlands in Coastal AlabamaCompleted
Graeme Lockaby, David LabandSFWSTuscaloosa and Eutaw Aquifers Recharge ProjectCompleted
Edward LoewensteinSFWSContinuous Cover Forestry Practices Developed for Urbanizing LandscapesCompleted
Yaoqi ZhangSFWSProvision of Water Quality Services from Urban ForestsCompleted
Douglas RobinsonBiological SciencesOccurrence of Asymmetry in Young Birds across Urban-Rural Gradient in West-GeorgiaCompleted
Upton HatchAgricultural EconomicsEconometric Modeling of Socioeconomic Influences on Land Use Changes in West GeorgiaCompleted
Stephen DitchkoffSFWSInfluence of Urbanization on Deer ReproductionCompleted
Nancy Loewenstein, Edward LoewensteinSFWSResponse of Two Non-native Plants (Microstegium vimineum and Lonicera japonica) to Continuous Cover Forestry Practices Developed for an Urbanizing LandscapeCompleted
Nancy Loewenstein, Curtis HansenSFWS, Biological SciencesDistribution of 116 Non-Native Plants in Alabama based on In-State Herbaria RecordsCompleted
Nancy LoewensteinSFWSNon-native plants in the Understory of Riparian Forests across a Land Use Gradient in the SoutheastCompleted
Lisa SamuelsonSFWSInfluence of urbanization on riparian forest diversity and structure in the Georgia PiedmontCompleted
Jean Weese, Tung-Shi HuangNutrition and Food ScienceWater and Microbiological Contamination in the West-Georgia ProjectCompleted
JenniferTrusty, Wayne ZippererBiological Sciences and USFSGenetics of Invasive Species - Wisteria sp.Completed
Josh McDaniel, Kelly AlleySociologyMuscogee and Harris County Development Policy StudyCompleted
Josh McDaniel, Kelly AlleySociologyConnecting Local Environmental Knowledge, Geographical Residence and Land Use PracticesCompleted
Jack FeminellaBiological SciencesAquatic biota across a urban-rural gradient in west GeorgiaCompleted
Daowei Zhang, HenryThompsonSFWS- Economics, BusinessTrade in Forest Products, Trade Agreements, and the EnvironmentCompleted
Daowei ZhangSFWSWillingness-to-Pay for Water Quality Improvement in Chattahoochee RiverCompleted
Daowei ZhangSFWSModeling Land Use Changes by Major Category and Forest TypeCompleted
David LabandSFWSThe ecological impact of urbanization, water quality servicesCompleted
Craig GuyerBiological SciencesDynamics of herpetofaunal populations across urban-rural gradientCompleted
Conner Bailey Rural SociologyBlack Warrior and Cahaba Watershed Stakeholder AnalysisCompleted
Graeme LockabySFWSEffects of urban development on riparian forest biogeochemistry Completed
Graeme LockabySFWSThe Effects of Urbanization on Water Quality, Hydrology, and Stream MorphologyCompleted
Art Chappelka SFWSUrbanization Effects on Forest Health in the Southeastern United StatesCompleted
Craig GuyerBiological SciencesImpacts of Land-Use on the Abundance, Growth, Diet, and Reproductive Output of Two-Lined SalamandersCompleted
Daowei ZhangSFWSModeling water demand at the watershed level in AlabamaCompleted
Shufen PanSFWSThe GIS and Spatial Analysis Laboratory (GSAL)Completed
Prabhakar Clement, Latif Kalin, Katherine Petty Civil Engineering, SFWS, USGSImpact of Urban Sprawl and Population Growth on Groundwater Resources of Dauphin IslandCompleted
Mark Dougherty, Graeme Lockaby, David LabandBiosystems Engineering, SFWSValuing Ecosystem Services from Forested Landscapes: How Urbanization Influences Drinking Water Treatment Cost and Carcinogen FormationCompleted
James ArmstrongSFWSActivity Patterns, and Habitat Selection of Coyotes across an Urban to Rural GradientCompleted
Hanqin TianSFWSImpacts of Urbanization on Carbon and Water Cycles in the Southeastern U.S.Completed
Chris AndersonSFWSResponse of coastal riverine wetlands to water allocation in an urbanizing watershedCompleted
Charlene Lebleu, Latif KalinLandscape Architecture, SFWSAssessment of low impact developmentCompleted
Kelly AlleySociologyPre-governance structures in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna River BasinCompleted

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