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Auburn University Medical Clinic

400 Lem Morrison Dr.

Auburn University, AL 36849

(334) 844-6237


Menu of Massage Services


     Therapeutic Massage          30 min.         $40

                                                      60 min.         $65 

                                                     90 min.         $95

                                                  120 min.        $125

        Add on options:  Deep Tissue Extra         $10

                                     Hot Stones                   $15


      These sessions may include Medical/Therapeutic,

     Swedish, Trigger Point, Hot Stone, Lomi Lomi,

  Reflexology, Table Tai, Ashsiatsu,

 Sports, Pregnancy, Lymphatic Drainage,

Chakra Balancing,

Japanese Facial,  or Chair Massage. 


      Gift Certificates & Packages Are Available


The Public is Welcome;

Students & Employees of Auburn University

Receive a $5 Discount;  

Service Prices Effective Beginning 9/1/13

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 Therapeutic massage is not just a “luxury”; studies have proven massage to be a valuable component of a well rounded and healthy lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from massage therapy whether you need a relaxing escape from daily stress or you suffer from chronic pain, regular massage could be your answer. With the combined experience of more than 20 years, we have been blessed with the opportunity of helping many people manage their pain and stress while improving their overall health and well being. Each therapeutic session is tailored to address the clients individual needs and ensure a wonderful, restorative experience. Your session will be the most fantastic part of your day plus we hope you will look forward to a return visit.

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