Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an appointment at the Auburn University Medical Clinic?

You are encouraged to call 334-844-4416 to speak with one of our care coordinators before coming to our clinic. They will assist you in setting up an appointment at a convenient time with your provider of care to minimize your waiting time. If you have any emergency health problems after we are closed, please seek care at the East Alabama Medical Center Emergency Room. You may also call our toll-free after-hours nurse hotline at 866-389-6770.

Can I make an appointment online?

Yes. You can access the patient portal through the homepage and request an appointment. When you request an appointment, you are not automatically granted the appointment. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but you must wait for a confirmation that your appointment was scheduled.

What forms are required for incoming students?

All incoming students are required to fill out the Medical Information Form within the six months prior to beginning class at Auburn University. You will need to register with Med+Pass here to complete and submit your form.

What do I need to have my medical records released?

In order for AUMC to release any health records, you must fill out the "Authorization to Release Information" form that can be accessed here. The form must be signed by a witness and returned to the Auburn University Medical Clinic.

What are the Auburn University Medical Clinic hours?

The Auburn University Medical Clinic is open the following hours*:

Fall/Spring Hours
Monday: 8am-6pm
Tuesday: 8am-6pm
Wednesday: 8am-6pm
Thursday: 9am-6pm
Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday: 8am-noon
Sunday: CLOSED
Summer Hours
Monday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 8am-5pm
Wednesday: 8am-5pm
Thursday: 8am-5pm
Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED


*The Medical Clinic is operated based on the Auburn University academic calendar and hours are subject to change accordingly.

Where are you located?

The Auburn University Medical Clinic is located at 400 Lem Morrison Drive on Auburn’s campus. The clinic is accessible on the Tiger Transit bus system via the Central-East Campus line. There is also parking at the clinic for PATIENTS ONLY.

Who may use the Auburn University Medical Clinic?

In addition to serving the student population, we also provide health care services for faculty, staff, administrators, citizens from the surrounding community, and visitors to the area.

What do I do when you are closed?

For assistance when the clinic is closed, please use any of the numbers listed below. In case of all emergencies, please dial 911.

  • Emergencies: 911
  • East Alabama Medical Center: 334-749-3411
  • 24-hour Nurse Line: 866-389-6770
  • Safe Harbor (Sexual Assault): 334-844-SAFE (7233)
  • Suicide Hotline: 800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Poison Control: 800-222-1222
What services are provided at the Auburn University Medical Clinic?

AUMC offers a wide variety of services including Primary Care, Acute/Urgent Care, Specialty Care, Allergy Services, Immunizations, Vaccines, Mental Health, Women’s Health Care, Radiology/X-Ray services, Laboratory, Pharmacy and an on-site Massage Therapist. More information on each of these services can be found here.

Do you perform lab work from other physicians other than the ones at AUMC?

Yes. You will need a physician’s order. After the lab results are in, you will sign a release and your results will be sent to your doctor. You do not have to make an appointment for lab work. You can walk in between 8am-4pm.

Can I have a lab test done without a physician's order?

No. All tests must be by physician’s order.

Can I call for my results?

Only physicians and nurses can give out results. If you are calling for your results, please select the option for the nurses' station.

Does AUMC have a dentist and/or optometrist?

No, we do not. If you need the name of a dentist or optometrist, we can provide a referral for you.

Can AUMC take care of most medical problems or do you refer patients out?

Our medical staff provides comprehensive medical care that would be similar to those provided at any other family medical clinic. The Auburn University Medical Clinic will help in locating the appropriate specialist should a referral be necessary.

Can my student get his ADD medication refilled at the AUMC Pharmacy?

Yes, the Auburn University Medical Clinic Pharmacy will refill ADD prescriptions as well as most major prescriptions. Patients will need to have their ADD/ADHD records/testing results from a faxed to our office. The fax line is 334-528-6780.

May I pay for my visit when I come in?

Yes, you may pay when you come in. As a courtesy, we will also bill a primary and secondary insurance company when an assignment of benefits is received. You are responsible for any balances not paid by insurance carriers. Questions concerning benefits must be directed to your insurance company. Referrals, deductibles, non-covered services and co-pays are your responsibility.

What if I cannot pay my bill?

Payment is expected upon provision of service. Payment may be made by check, Visa or MasterCard. In special situations and with prior approval from the Patient Accounts Supervisor, payment arrangements may be available. Please note we do not charge to students’ bursar accounts.

I have a question about my bill. Who do I need to speak with?

We encourage you to call our billing office at 334-844-6137 during regular business hours or email us.

What if I want to purchase the university-sponsored health insurance coverage?

You will find all the information about the University-sponsored health insurance policy here.

Does the Auburn University Medical Clinic accept Tricare?

Please consult on whether your plan is TRICARE Standard or TRICARE Prime.

TRICARE Standard is the TRICARE option that provides the most flexibility to TRICARE-eligible beneficiaries. It is the fee-for-service option that gives beneficiaries the opportunities to see any TRICARE-authorized provider. At this time Auburn University Medical Clinic is a TRICARE-authorized provider. Please be aware that patients will be responsible for deductibles and co-pays.

With TRICARE Prime, most health care will come from a Military Treatment Facility, along with the TRICARE contracted Civilian Medical Providers called Preferred Provider Network. TRICARE Prime members should seek the advice of their Primary Care Manager or Military Treatment Facility before seeking medical attention from Auburn University Medical Clinic. Without a referral or pre-authorization to visit the clinic, a patient with TRICARE Prime will be responsible for the entire visit.

What about confidentiality?

Medical records are strictly confidential. Information will not be released without authorization from you, except by court order. Authorization forms are available at the Medical Clinic. In accordance with Alabama laws, we reserve the right to charge the state recommended fees for copies of records. You can find more information about privacy here.

How do I communicate a comment, complaint, suggestion, or concern to the staff?

We are proud of our continual efforts to maintain a high level of quality care delivered in a modern, patient friendly environment. We perform quality studies to ensure we are objectively meeting certain standards. We encourage your feedback every time you use our services. At the end of each visit you will be asked to complete a Patient Satisfaction Survey. Patients can also contact Maegan Hamner with further comments. We view your feedback as a testament to our efforts and as an opportunity for improvement.

Does the Auburn University Medical Clinic write class excuses?

While the Auburn University Medical Clinic will write excuses for illness, please note you must be seen by a physician in the clinic to be eligible for a class excuse. Not all patients will be issued an excuse. Please refer to the Auburn University academic polices on class attendance for further information here.

Where can I learn more about health and wellness options at Auburn University?

You may visit Auburn University’s Health Promotion and Wellness Services for additional information on health and wellness options. Health Promotion and Wellness Services exists to cultivate a campus atmosphere that supports and respects the healthy lifestyle decisions made by students. As campus resources, they serve to educate all members of the Auburn family about living a healthy lifestyle and the many benefits of making healthy choices.

Does the Auburn University Medical Clinic provide any nutrition support?

Our physicians will be happy to refer patients to an on-campus nutritionist. You may also find additional information about nutrition through the Health Promotion and Wellness Services office here.

Do you accept my insurance?

We have contracts with all the major insurance carriers (BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, UnitedHealth care, Tricare Standard, and other various PPO Networks).  There are some insurance providers we do not have a contract with, such as Tricare Prime, Medicare, and Medicaid.  We will bill all insurance companies as a courtesy to you; however deductibles, copays, or any non-covered services will be your responsibility.  Check with your insurance company about your coverage with our physicians.

Can I be seen if I have Medicare/Medicaid?

We are not an approved Medicare/Medicaid provider; therefore, payment for your visit would be your responsibility. We suggest using one of the approved Medicare providers listed here or one of the Medicaid providers listed here.

Can I do an internships or job shadowing at AUMC?

We welcome Auburn students looking for involvement in the health care field, and we aim to provide a valuable experience for our students. However, space and opportunities are very limited so we recommend you speak with your advisor to coordinate what opportunities may be available to you.