Chris Anderson, Associate Professor

  • B.S., Forestry and Wildlife Science, Virginia Tech
  • M.S., Botany, University of South Florida
  • Ph.D., Natural Resources (Wetland Ecology), Ohio State University

My research examines the effects of human activities on a wide range of aquatic and riparian ecosystems. My goal is to understand how these disturbances change ecosystem function and how these alterations may be mitigated.  I am particularly interested in results that influence regulations, environmental models, and planning which guide land use and natural resource policy.

I am also Associate Director for the Auburn University Center for Environmental Studies at the Urban-Rural Interface. The Center supports interdisciplinary research, outreach, and education related to urban land use change. Click the CFS link for more information. 

Seval Celik, M.S. Candidate

  • B.S., Forest Engineering, Kastamonu University, Turkey

For my thesis, I am studying salinity intrusion at tidal freshwater forested wetlands along the Apalachicola River. Part of my project is to develop a model to estimate the reach of river salinity in relation to flow, tidal stage and other variables. Ultimately, I will relate this to forest communities along the lower river and demonstrate how environmental changes may affect these wetlands.

Megan Bartholomew, M.S. Candidate

  • B.S., Biology and Environmental Studies, Iowa State University

I am investigating wetland restoration in the context of hydrologic recovery. Specifically, I am interested in how vegetation communities and soil biogeochemical parameters respond to rewetting. Understanding restoration trajectories could better inform restoration, management, and mitigation plans.



Lab Alumni and Former Personnel

Megan Bartholomew, M.S., 2017, Thesis title: Evaluating the functional response of isolated cypress domes to groundwater alteration in west-central Florida.

Seval Celik, M.S., 2016, Thesis title: Predicting saltwater intrusion effects on tidal freshwater wetlands of the lower Apalachicola River.

Burak Avcioglu, M.S., 2015, Thesis title: Mapping stream channel heads in the State of Alabama.

Hanna Schurman, Research Associate

Murat Atasoy, M.S., 2015, Thesis title: Evaluating the distribution and dispersal of invasive woody vegetation related to land use in Auburn, Alabama.

Brad Schneid, Ph.D., 2015, Dissertation title: On the influence of landscape-scale factors on stream ecosystems and macroinvertebrate assemblages in the southeastern USA: An examination of alternative statistical methods and case studies. 

Amanda Ecker, Research Technician

Brian McPherson, Research Technician

Laurel Low, 2013, NSF-REU Student, Project title: Evaluating the threat of an invasive apple snail to brackish marshes.

Thomas Hess, Research Technician

Madeline Wedge, M.S. 2013, Thesis title: Urban land use effects on resident saltmrah fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

Diane Alix, M.S., 2013, Thesis title: Influence of land use change on amphibian species and larval development.

Flynt Barksdale, M.S., 2013, Thesis title: The effect of land use/land cover on headwater-slope wetlands in  Baldwin County, Alabama.