A workshop to present and seek feedback on the initial “small wins” workshop was offered at Auburn University May 18-19, 2009. The theme for the workshop was “Best Practices for Small Wins.”  Small wins are accomplished when small changes or programs are introduced into the academic environment and these changes or adjustments precipitate change in the culture of the institution.  For this workshop, three topics were chosen to be the emphasis of the presentations: recruitment, retention and mentoring. 

Workshop Topics


These topics were identified as being especially relevant to Auburn women faculty based upon data presented in the first and second year reports.  Findings reported in the first year suggested that improvements are needed in efforts to recruit and retain new faculty at Auburn.  Further insight into this issue was provided by the results of the climate study conducted during the second year that showed that female faculty in STEM disciplines perceived tenure and performance evaluation procedures less favorably compared with men in these disciplines and faculty in the College of Liberal Arts.  The Climate survey also showed that women faculty in the College of Sciences and Math perceived less support for gender diversity as compared with the faculty in the College of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts.  EEOC data also reported in the first year showed that, “several departments in the STEM disciplines need to actively improve their efforts in reaching qualified women applicants for faculty positions”.  Results of the climate survey showed that women faculty viewed mentoring practices at Auburn less favorably than men, but that all faculty perceived mentoring as poor (the mean for this scale was 2.05 on a 5 point scale).  

In order to explore the best practices of recruitment, retention and mentoring, the format of the workshop included three panels, each of which addressing one of these topics.  Key faculty from other ADVANCE institutions recognized for their innovations and programs in these areas were invited to present the practices implemented at each of their institutions.  The program and biographies of the keynote speaker and panelists are located at  Workshop participants also were given the opportunity to share information in a poster presentation on the first evening of the workshop.  Other features of the workshop included a Forum Theatre Presentation and a presentation of the results of the Small Wins Study performed by ADVANCE Auburn investigators.  The best attended event of the workshop was an address given by Auburn University’s newly installed Provost, Dr. Mary Ellen Mazey, which took place on the second day. 

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