The purpose of the “ADVANCE Auburn: SEM Transformation through ‘Small Wins’ ” grant proposal is to  establish “small wins” as an approach that will positively  impact the culture and climate of the science, engineering and mathematics (SEM) disciplines at Auburn University, by increasing  the participation, advancement, and success rate of SEM women faculty. The AdvanceAuburn Center, established by this grant, will develop the “small wins” cost/benefit model, protocol, and implementation process designed specifically for the SEM disciplines. Advance Auburn’s “small wins” approach for SEM transformation is envisioned to become a model for change at land grant and other universities and colleges that are bound by tradition and constrained by economic challenges.

The Following are objectives of the grant proposal:

• Objective 1. Establish a center, Advance Auburn, to serve as the nucleus for the development and analysis of the “small wins” approach to SEM transformation. Advance Auburn will conduct the research and work stated in Objectives 2 through 5.

• Objective 2. Develop a “small wins” cost/benefit model, protocol and implementation process for SEM transformation to be used by Auburn University and other institutions. Institutions with ADVANCE grants will be invited to participate in the development of the “small wins” model and protocol by attending two workshops: the first will identify, classify, and determine costs, effectiveness, and benefits of institutional transformation approaches used at the ADVANCE institutions, and, in the second, Auburn will present and seek feedback on the “small wins” cost/benefit model and protocol.

• Objective 3. Determine the status of women faculty and climate within SEM disciplines at Auburn University as baseline data for selecting and testing the “small wins” approaches.

• Objective 4. Select and implement the “small wins” approaches that have the highest benefit to cost ratio for transforming the SEM disciplines and that are most applicable to Auburn.

• Objective 5. Validate and disseminate “small wins” cost/benefit model, protocol and implementation results to ADVANCE and other universities through a “ ‘Small Wins’ for SEM Transformation” workshop and through refereed publications and presentations at national and regional meetings.

Last Updated: 11/1/2012