Adopt-A-Spot is a volunteer-based program designed to help preserve the loveliest village on the plains. Through individual and group representatives, locations around campus are adopted and maintained through litter and recycling collection to promote sustainability through a community effort.


Thank you to our current adopters for your contribution to campus sustainability and to keeping our campus BeAUtiful. War Eagle!


Auburn University Marketing Association (AUMA)
AU Environmental Mgt. and AU Water Resources
Campus Web Solutions
Circle K International
CVM Staff Advisory Committee
Environmental Design Student Organization
Office of Sustainability & Office of the Registrar
Omega Delta Phi
Society of Natural Resources
Spade Honorary 



And thank you to the 3 current individual adopters!



Adopt-A-Spot in the News:

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The Plainsman


Total Number of Bags Collected to Date: 213 (Litter: 155.25, Recyclables: 57.75)