How Adopt-A-Spot Works

Follow these steps to Adopt-A-Spot:

1. Determine Your Adoption Type.

  • GROUP Adoption: Any group in the campus community (students, faculty, staff) may Adopt-A-Spot. Groups may include, but are not limited to: student organizations, fraternities, sororities, faculty/staff organizations, departments, or groups of friends.
  • INDIVIDUAL Adoption: Any member of the campus community can choose to Adopt-A-Spot on their own. This is a good option for members of large, widely-dispersed groups (e.g. A&P Assembly, Staff Council) who want a spot closer to their place of work.

2. Request a Spot. Spots are identified on the map and are allotted on a first come, first serve basis. Each spot can be adopted by 1 group (with any number of members) AND up to 10 individuals. In the comments section, please specify if you would like a 1 year or 2 year adoption.

  • GROUP Adoption: Assemble your group (we suggest at least 5 people). Designate two contact people. Have these people fill out the Request-A-Spot form.
  • INDIVIDUAL Adoption: Fill out the Request-A-Spot form.

   You will receive an email confirmation when your adoption is official.

3. Obtain Supplies. Visit the Office of Sustainability (200 Langdon Annex) during business hours to obtain trash bags and gloves (located outside of the office). Remember to get separate bags for trash and recyclables! If you need assistance, including handicap access, please email or call 844-7777.

4. Maintain Your Spot! Get your group together or go on your own and collect litter on your spot, making sure to sort trash and recyclables into separate bags. Trash can be placed in any garbage dumpster (not garbage cans) on campus, and recyclables can be sorted into campus recycling bins. You/your group are responsible for litter collection on the adopted spot for 1 or 2 years (as requested during adoption) following the academic calendar year (terms start Fall semester). We recommend you maintain your spot at least once a month, but highly encourage more frequent maintenance.

5. Record Your Group’s/Your Activities. Login to Log My Activities to record the litter collection date, number of hours, number of volunteers, bags of litter, and upload photos. We will use this information to promote your group’s efforts to improve sustainability on campus.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who developed the Adopt-A-Spot program? Adopt-A-Spot is a collaborative effort between the Office of Sustainability, Landscape Services, the Waste Reduction and Recycling Department, the Administrative and Professional Assembly Welfare Committee, Staff Council, the Student Government Association, Graduate Student Council, and others. Funding to produce this website was provided by the Concessions Board with approval by Auburn University President Jay Gogue.

2. When can I adopt a spot? Any time! Terms for each spot start at the beginning of fall semester and finish at the end of summer semester of the first or second year, depending on the requested adoption time. However, as long as there are spots available, you can adopt one at any time during the year. Your group will be responsible for the spot from the time you adopt it until the end of normal requested term.

3. Can our group adopt more than one spot? Each group may adopt only one spot. This will ensure there are enough spots available for every group that wants to participate and allows each group to focus 100% on their selected spot.

4. What if the spot I want is already adopted? If you want to maintain a spot that is already adopted, you or your group may be able to join the adopting group. Contact the Adopt-A-Spot program at, and we can provide you with the contact information for the group so you can share your request with them.

5. Are we responsible for Game Day litter collection? No. There is a university-contracted clean-up crew specifically for Auburn University Home Football Game Day and post-Game Day litter collection, and you are not expected to help with this. Adopt-A-Spot is for collection of litter resulting from regular campus use only. However, there are opportunities for Game Day litter collection volunteers through the Waste Reduction and Recycling Department. Please contact Courtney Washburn ( for more information.

6. When can we reserve a spot for next term? Each spring before the end of their requested term, current adopters will be notified when the option is available to reserve their current spot for the next term. If the spot is not reserved within the specified time period, it will be opened up for other adopters.

7. What if my group/I no longer have time to maintain our spot? If your schedule has changed and you cannot maintain your spot, please let the Adopt-A-Spot Committee know so we can free up your spot for other people to adopt. If you are the contact person for a group adoption, you can also transfer this responsibility to another member of the group. The Adopt-A-Spot Committee reserves the right to review spot maintenance records annually and free spots that are not being adequately maintained.


Adopt-A-Spot Committee

  • The Adopt-A-Spot Committee consists of at least 5 representatives from various groups on campus.
  • Current committee members are: Chris Anthony (A&P), Michael Freeman (Staff Council), Bob Holm (A&P), Beaver Johnston (Landscape Services), Melissa Newton (Landscape Services) , Amy Strickland (Office of Sustainability), Danny Moody (OIT), and Hallie Nelson (SGA).
  • Previous committee members include: Jane Taylor (SGA), and Jennifer Parker (A&P).
  • Additional campus representatives involved in program planning were: Eve Brantley (Faculty), Jeffrey Dumars (Campus Planning and Space Management), Mike Kensler (Office of Sustainability), Jeff Long (A&P), Tolulope Morawo (GSC), Rebecca Vaught (Undergraduate), and Courtney Washburn (Waste Reduction and Recycling).


Safety Guidelines

To sign the Volunteer Release and and Acknowledgement of Risk form - login and then click "sign the waiver" on the orange navigation bar.

Review the information at Risk Management and Safety for safety guidelines or call 844-4870 with questions.



To contact the Adopt-A-Spot Program, please email