Auburn University - TITLE IX

Prevention and Training for Employees

The federal law known as Title IX is about more than ensuring gender equity in sports. It, in fact, prohibits sex-based discrimination in education by addressing sexual harassment and sexual violence, including sexual assault, domestic/dating violence and stalking. The law applies to everyone at Auburn University – students, faculty and staff – regardless of gender.

Employees at Auburn University support those impacted by sexual misconduct, but must understand their various responsibilities.

1. Workplace Harassment Training

The Office of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity offers an online module. For more information, please register via Fast-Train and search for “Title IX Rights and Obligations for AU Employees.

2. Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training

As part of Auburn University’s efforts to prevent sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence from occurring on campus, it has implemented the Green Dot Bystander Intervention program. The goal is to permanently reduce interpersonal violence by mobilizing bystanders – faculty, staff and students – to prevent or interrupt acts of violence with proactive or reactive behaviors.

Interpersonal violence occurs when one person uses power and control over another through physical, sexual or emotional threats or actions, economic control, isolation or other kinds of coercive behavior. The Green Dot effort at Auburn University focuses on three types of interpersonal violence: sexual assault, domestic/dating violence and stalking.

On a college campus like Auburn University, “Red Dots” represent acts of violence, while “Green Dots” represent the behaviors we as the campus community can use to counteract or eliminate violent acts.

Now is the time to change the campus culture, creating an environment where violence – of any kind – is NOT tolerated. To do this, everyone at Auburn University needs to do their part in insuring the Green Dots outnumber the Red Dots on our campus.

The Green Dot program has been shown to reduce sexual violence on college campuses by 50 percent. For more information or to learn how to become involved in Green Dot at Auburn University, contact the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Services at 334-844-1528 or

3. Campus Security Authority Training

The Clery Act designates certain university personnel as Campus Security Authorities, or CSAs, who are required to report good faith allegations that certain crimes occurred on campus, in public areas bordering campus, and in non-campus buildings owned or controlled by the university. University employees should work with the campus Clery Act liaison to determine whether they are a CSA and what training they will need to comply with the Clery Act.

You can learn more about who is a CSA, what being a CSA entails and other details about the Clery Act from the Auburn University Department of Campus Safety and Security.

4. Human Resource Development

HR Development offers a number of professional development courses for employees, including Preventing Unlawful Harassment, Employee Guidelines to Avoid Sexual Harassment, and Rape Aggression Defense (RAD): Self-Defense for Women. To learn more, search Fast-Train through AU Access.

The RAD course is also available through the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Call 334-749-5651 to learn more.

Last Updated: April 8, 2021