Director of Campus Dining

Glenn Loughridge serves as Auburn University's Director of Campus Dining.  As the director of the dining program, he works closely with the dining contractor's resident District Manager on behalf of the University to ensure that hundreds of employees working in more than 35 on-campus dining options provide high quality food and outstanding customer service to more than 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff.

A native of Clearwater, Florida, Mr. Loughridge is a 1994 Auburn alumnus, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications.  He has an extensive entrepreneurial background.  Before returning to Auburn in 2012, Mr. Loughridge was the founder and Vice President for Business Development  at Watermark Management Group, a Florida-based restaurant management and consulting firm.  Prior to Watermark, Mr. Loughridge was a founding partner in Loughridge Brothers Seafood Company, a commercial fishing enterprise that acquired and distributed fresh seafood to restaurants throughout the state of Florida.  Before starting his own successful ventures, he was a national account manager for Tech Data Corporation, where he managed an account base in excess of $100 million.

Since returning to his alma mater, Mr. Loughridge has worked tirelessly to forge relationships with the Auburn dining contractor, student groups, faculty and staff.  He is using his innovative, creative, and forward-thinking skills to create a campus dining experience that is dynamic and responsive to changes in students' dining needs and tastes.

Mr. Loughridge and his wife, Shannon, are actively involved in the local community.  They are the proud parents of two boys, Gibson and Crawford.

The Loughridge Family


 255 Heisman Drive, Suite 1203, Auburn, AL 36849

Phone: 334-844-8504

Fax: 334-844-8512




Dining Plan Exemptions

Students are registered in Auburn University’s Dining Plan upon enrollment. Students conveniently purchase meals, food, beverage products and dining services with their personal student photo-ID card, the Tiger Card, at all on-campus dining venues. Students residing in on-campus residence halls are enrolled at $995 per semester. Students residing off-campus participate at a $300 level.

If you believe that you are unable to participate in the plan, please know that there are four allowable exemptions from the dining plan, including:

  • Medical Accommodation:
    A student who has a medical condition requiring a diet that cannot be met by Tiger Dining may request accommodation. Please include a letter concisely and fully describing your dietary circumstances along with signed, supporting documentation from a licensed medical physician. The physician must be an impartial professional who is not a family member. Students and physicians should avoid making requests for exemption based on conscious choice or medically unsubstantiated beliefs. Vegetarianism is not normally considered a valid reason for dining plan exemption. Accommodations offered are a meal plan reduction, or in severe cases, a meal plan exemption.
  • Religious Exemption:
    A student whose religious beliefs impose dietary restrictions that cannot be met by Tiger Dining may be exempted. Please include a signed, written explanation from your religious counsel with your form.
  • Required to be Away from Campus:
    A student registered in a class not convening on Auburn University's main campus may be exempted. Students must obtain a signature from the appropriate faculty advisor and attach a copy of their semester detail schedule showing enrollment in the course. Students who have at least one class that meets on campus during the semester may not apply for this exemption.
  • Campus Organization:
    An on-campus resident who is an active member of a campus organization which requires its members to participate in ten or more meals per week at the organization's officially designated kitchen may apply for a dining plan reduction. On the completed form, students must obtain a signature from the organization's advisor.

Meal Plan Reduction: Dining plan reductions offered for medical accommodation and campus organizations reduce the on campus residents’ minimum participation to the off-campus rate of $300. The standard meal plan will be charged to their account, but at semester’s end, any unused meal plan dollars in excess of the $300 plan will be refunded.

Financial need is not an allowable reason for exemption from the Dining Plan.

How to file an exemption

Applications for exemption must be received on or before the twentieth (20th) class day of each semester. Exemptions will not automatically renew each semester; therefore students must reapply each semester.

These forms can be found under the "Exemption Forms" tab.  Please complete the necessary form and deliver it to the Campus Dining office. All decisions for exemption are at the discretion of the Dining Director and are final.

Thank you for participating in Auburn's campus dining plan. Our goal, as always, is to fit your busy schedule, help you make the most of your Auburn experience, and provide the highest quality meal service possible.

Please submit the completed form and required attachments to:

AU Campus Dining
255 Heisman Drive
Student Center Room 1203
Auburn, AL 36849
Phone: (334)844-8504
Fax: (334)844-8512


Dining Plan Exemption Forms

Below are the Dining Plan Exemption Forms.  Please fill out the appropriate form and return the completed document to the Campus Dining office located in the Student Center, Room 1203.  If you have any questions about any of these forms, feel free to contact the Dining office at 334-844-8504.

6 Weeks + Study abroad

Medical or Religious


Internships & Complete Semester Study Abroad


Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone participate in a meal plan?

Yes – all students are registered for at least one class on campus participate in the meal plan. A structured housing and dining program that provides convenience and variety allows students to focus on their studies and adjust to college life more easily, as well as provides social support systems. Students’ meal plans provide the funds to ensure high quality dining options available throughout campus, and provide the means to invest in both facility maintenance and upgrades as well as innovative new programs that bring fresh, local, nutritious foods to campus.

In 2008, after many years of suggestions from parents and students to improve our dining offerings, and after studying universities nationally, Auburn made a commitment to developing successful living and learning communities, which would be enhanced by creating settings, including a vibrant on campus dining program, that foster social interaction. In the Southern University Group, 31 universities offer meal plans. Nationally, most universities now require meal plans.

Why do I have to buy a meal plan if I live off campus?

Again, convenient on-campus dining facilities are important to student success, allowing more time to stay, study and socialize on campus between classes, and for the university to re-invest monies in maintaining outstanding facilities and options.

How did the university decide on the pricing?

While AU invested a tremendous amount in facilities, offerings, and ambience, we also decided to remain very competitive in our pricing: we remain among the lowest priced in the Southeast. Meal plan pricing was determined in 2007 and has not changed since then.

Auburn calculated an average cost of three meals a day in a 210 day academic calendar year, and determined that most students' dining expenses were approximately $22.51 a day, or $4,727 per year. However, Auburn decided to be conservative in its primary plan to allow for students who occasionally skip on campus meals, go home on the weekends, travel, or eat out in the community. So, our plan price for on campus residents is based on $9.41 per day ($995 per semester, or $1990 per year).

The off-campus residents' plan is $300 per semester, or $600 a year, which is only $2.85 per day.

How do I pay for a meal plan?

Students who are enrolled and meet the criteria for the plans are automatically billed for the required dining plan.

Do I get a meal card?

No. The required dining plans are accessed with the students TigerCard (student ID card).

Where can I eat with my meal plan?

At any AU residential dining area, snack bar or food items marketplace. Non-food items, outside dining operated venues, must be paid for separately.

If I miss a meal, will I be charged?

No. You pay for food when you make a purchase in a dining facility. Items are individually priced.

What do I do if I have medical or dietary restrictions?

Many options are available on campus for vegans, vegetarians or those with food allergies. However, please contact our Campus Dining office at 334-844-8504 for more information and guidance. While Tiger Dining’s goal is to try and accommodate all Auburn student’s needs, those with serious medical conditions may be eligible to receive a dining plan reduction or exemption if the dietary restrictions are so severe that meals cannot be provided on campus. A note with a medical diagnosis from a qualified physician, who is not a member of the student’s family is required for exemption from the meal plan.  Exemption applications must be submitted each semester. Call 334-844-8504 for more information.

How will I know if there is a balance remaining on my plan?

There are several ways students may check their account balances:

  1. At the point-of-sale on register after the total of the purchase is shown.
  2. On the receipt each student receives after making a purchase with their TigerCard.
  3. Click the "Funds" link on the TigerCard app.
  4. Through the online student TigerCard account web portal.
    • Students will need to login using their Auburn University credentials (abc1234).
    • Once logged in, students can select which account balance they wish to view (Required, Optional Dining, and Tiger Club Accounts).

. Questions may be directed to the TigerCard office at 334-844-4507.

If my student's dining plan runs low during the semester, can I add additional funds?

Funds may easily be added to a dining account at any time. Any money added is placed in an Optional Dining Account that never expires and is refunded to a student either when the account is closed, or when a student graduates or disenrolls. To make a deposit into either the Optional Dining Account or the Tiger Club Account:


  1. Add funds now online.
    • Students will need to login using their Auburn University credentials (abc1234).
    • Once logged in, select "Add Funds" under the "Quick Links" menu.
    • Students may request additional funds under the "Ask for Funds" menu by entering an e-mail address of parents, guardians or other relatives.
  2. Make a deposit in person by coming by the TigerCard office which is located on the first floor of the Student Center (Monday-Friday), or over the phone at 1-877-345-2058.
  3. Click the "Add Funds" button on the TigerCard app.

Parents, Guardians, and Other Relatives

  1. Make a deposit in person by coming by the TigerCard office which is located on the first floor of the Student Center (Monday-Friday), or over the phone at 1-877-345-2058.
  2. Make a deposit online into a student's account. You will need the following information:
    • The student's ID number (90XXXXXX).
    • The student's official first and last name with Auburn University (i.e. Christopher not Chris, Katherine not Kate)

These funds will be held in a separate account and become available after a student has exhausted the required funds. These additional funds roll over each semester until the student uses them or closes the account. Upon withdrawal or graduation any unused additional funds are uploaded to Student Financial Services to be applied to any outstanding debt. If no debt exists, the funds will be refunded to the student.

What if I exceed my meal plan balance?

The register will exhaust any remaining funds from the required dining plan. The cashier will then direct the register to search the account for any additional funds. If no additional funds are available, then the student is required to complete the transaction with credit card or cash.

What happens to any unused balances from my current semester meal plan?

At the end of fall semester, any funds remaining in the required dining plan will roll to the spring semester. These funds will be available in addition to the spring semester’s dining plan. Students have until the end of the summer term to spend all of their required dining funds for the academic year.  Tiger Club and Optional Dining Plan funds never expire.

What other advantages are there to eating on campus?

Studies consistently show that on campus dining and socializing has numerous educational and social benefits, including contributing to graduation rates, assisting in better transitions from high school to college, meeting with and making new friends, and providing convenient options -- without the need to carry cash -- between classes or while studying. For off campus students, establishing on-campus connections and friendships are also critically important.

What about students who pledge a fraternity and live in a residence hall?

An on-campus resident who is an active member of a campus organization which requires its members to participate in ten or more meals per week at the organization's officially designated kitchen may apply to have the resident dining plan requirement of $995 reduced to the $300 off-campus dining plan. The entire $995 will be available for use throughout the semester; however, any funds remaining up to a maximum of $695 will be refunded to the student’s account after the semester’s end. These dining plan reduction application forms must be completed, signed by the organization's advisor, and submitted every semester by the 20th class day,.

Is Tiger Dining self operated or do you employ a dining services contractor?

Auburn is committed to providing Auburn students with daily access to healthy, appealing dining options that are conveniently located. The fundamental purpose of dining on Campus is to allow Auburn students to socialize with their peers, fostering academic and developmental success with each interaction. To assist with this important objective, Auburn employs Chartwells, a division of Compass Group, to operate its dining services on campus. Chartwells brings with it a wealth of experience in higher education dining services as well as access to many different national brands and “in house” concepts.

The contract between Auburn and Chartwells is managed through Auburn’s Campus Dining Department. The contract serves as a guide to Chartwells’ operations and as an operational and financial map for impeccable service, student safety and convenience, and a blueprint for an innovative and dynamic dining experience. The contract has requirements that address everything from the hours of operation, food quality, and cleanliness, to Auburn’s requirement that background checks be performed on all employees. Campus Dining continuously assesses the quality, service and popularity of each of Auburn’s dining venues by closely watching each operation’s sales data. Campus Dining meets with multiple campus stakeholders to insure that students, faculty and staff have a direct voice in the options that are provided. In fact, students had the opportunity to vote for a new dining option that will be located in the Library on the ballot of the 2015 SGA election.


Auburn University Dining Plans

Auburn University’s Campus Dining offers a robust, dynamic assortment of dining options throughout campus to accommodate the busy schedules and varying tastes of our diverse student body. Upon enrollment, students are registered in Auburn University’s Dining Plan.

Students may purchase meals, food, beverage products and dining services using their personal student photo-ID card, the TigerCard, at all on-campus dining venues. Students residing in on-campus residence halls are enrolled at the standard rate of $995 per semester. Students residing off-campus participate at a basic $300 level. The dining plans are automatically loaded to the student’s bill along with tuition, housing, and other University fees.

The standard on campus dining plan of $995 is not anticipated to cover all meal costs during a semester. Auburn University students occasionally skip meals, dine off campus, and frequently go home for weekends. We took this into consideration when designing our dining plan so that a student is not penalized for meals eaten off campus.

Additional dining funds may be placed into an Optional Dining account here:  With a minimum $25 deposit, these Optional Dining Funds may be used at any dining location on campus, never expire, and earn a bonus $10 for every $100 deposited.  Any funds remaining when a student graduates will be refunded to his/her Student Financial Services account.

Summer Term and Roll-Overs within an Academic Year

Dining plans are not included with summer term enrollment. Any Dining Plan balance remaining at the end of a fall semester may be used during the following spring semester. Funds remaining on a dining plan at the end of the spring semester are available for use on campus until the end of the following summer term, regardless of whether a student is enrolled in summer classes.


Questions concerning Auburn University's Dining Program should be directed to the Campus Dining office in the Student Center, at 334-844-8504 or email Campus Dining at

Special Dietary Needs Students

College life is a time filled with many exciting changes! Meeting people, making new friends from around the world, studying a variety of subjects, attending sporting events, volunteering, and living in residence halls are just part of the college experience. An often overlooked part of your college experience is your dining plan. Students, faculty and staff eat every day, and Tiger Dining’s goal is to offer you many delicious options, throughout the day, in all areas of campus.

Do you have special dietary needs? Special dietary needs include sensitivity to various types of food; which can include mild sensitivity to certain food groups, diabetes, allergies, chronic severe illness, IBS, or celiac disease. Tiger Dining works closely with the Auburn University Campus Dietician, our Executive Chef, faculty, staff, and student government representatives to maintain a dialogue on how to best accommodate individuals with special dietary needs. This team works diligently to provide support, resources, and advice to fellow students and to advocate on their behalf. With the help of their efforts, gluten-free sauces are now available at most campus restaurants, and healthy, delicious allergy-friendly fare can be found throughout our restaurants. The Village Market C-Store now carries a variety of fresh produce, organic and bulk food items, and a variety of boxed, canned, and frozen organic and/or gluten-free food choices.  In addition, Plains to Plate, our locally-raised, sustainably-sourced restaurant is now GFFS Certified Gluten Free, and serves a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. 

Auburn’s Campus Dining Staff, Executive Chef, and Campus Nutritionist are eager to answer any questions you may have about special dietary circumstances.

For information about Made Without Gluten items,

Are allergies a concern?

Interested in Vegetarian/Vegan options?

Our Campus Executive Chef, Emil Topel,

Contact Jessica-Lauren Newby, our Campus Dietician,

Contact us for any additional questions

Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan Information

The Wellness Kitchen is dedicated to providing high quality food, balanced nutrition and an outstanding dining experience.  It is available to all students, who may use their regular dining plan funds to purchase meals at retail prices.  The facility is buffet style with multiple action stations where patrons have the opportunity to create their meals according to their preference.  The Wellness Kitchen serves made without gluten entrees daily.

Please read this notice carefully to understand any restrictions on entry times, the manner by which students can use the facility, and other important information.  For a limited time, beginning 8:00am CDT, July 19, 2017 and only until the 15th class day of the semester students may apply to purchase a Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan accessible at the "Dining Info" Tab on our website:  Wellness Kitchen Meal swipes are non-refundable and expire at the end of each semester.  Make sure you use all your meal swipes each semester!  Wellness Kitchen Meal Plans purchased for the Fall semester will automatically renew for the following Spring semester.

For those students who wish to eat the majority of their meals in this facility, we offer Wellness Kitchen Meal Plans.  These plans provide a specific number of meal swipes to be used exclusively at the Wellness Kitchen, and on-campus resident Wellness Kitchen Meal Plans also include declining balance funds that may be used at all Auburn University dining locations. 

What are my meal plan options?

ON-CAMPUS STUDENTS may convert their $995 meal plan to one of the following:

ON-CAMPUS WELLNESS 1:  Converts your $995 Meal Plan to:  45 Meal Swipes ($426.60) usable in Wellness Kitchen only* AND $568.40 Declining Balance usable at any on-campus dining facility.  *Breakfast/lunch = 1 swipe    *Dinner = 2 Swipes

ON-CAMPUS WELLNESS 2:  Converts your $995 Meal Plan to:  60 Meal Swipes ($568.80) usable in Wellness Kitchen only* AND $426.20 Declining Balance usable at any on-campus dining facility.  *Breakfast/lunch = 1 swipe    *Dinner = 2 Swipes

ON-CAMPUS WELLNESS 3:  Converts your $995 Meal Plan to: 75 Meal Swipes ($711.00) usable in Wellness Kitchen only*  AND  $284.00 Declining Balance usable at any on-campus dining facility. * Breakfast/lunch = 1 swipe  *Dinner = 2 Swipes

How much does the Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan cost? 

Each of the meal plan options above converts the standard on-campus meal plan into a combination of Wellness Kitchen-only Meal Swipes and declining balance, with no additional cost to the student. For those who elect to participate and who successfully purchase one of the plans, this option will serve as the full amount of that student’s On-Campus Base Dining Plan.  Off campus residents may purchase Wellness Kitchen Meal Plans at the following rates:

OFF-CAMPUS WELLNESS 1:  45 swipes* for $426.60.  Students must place at least $126.60 into an optional dining account to fund this purchase. This plan does not include any declining balance funds for use elsewhere.  *Breakfast/lunch = 1 swipe,   *Dinner = 2 swipes

OFF-CAMPUS WELLNESS 2:  60 swipes* for $568.80.  Students must place at least $268.80 into an optional dining account to fund this purchase. This plan does not include any declining balance funds for use elsewhere.   *Breakfast/lunch = 1 swipe,   *Dinner = 2 swipes

OFF-CAMPUS WELLNESS 3:  75 swipes* for $711.00.  Students must place at least $411.00 into an optional dining account to fund this purchase. This plan does not include any declining balance funds for use elsewhere.    *Breakfast/lunch = 1 swipe,   *Dinner = 2 swipes


If I purchase the Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan, will I have TWO meal plans?  NO! 

If you live on campus, and purchase the Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan, your base plan will automatically be converted to the Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan of your choice.  If you live off campus, you will be required to add appropriate funds to an optional dining account to fund the purchase of your Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan.   


How do the meal Swipes work?

A “Swipe” that is purchased as part of the Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan is valued at $8.70 + tax ($9.48).  Breakfast and lunch meals at the Wellness Kitchen cost ONE meal Swipe; while dinner meals, which include multiple premium entrees, cost TWO meal Swipes. 

As an example, a Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan that includes 60 Swipes may be used to purchase: 15 breakfasts (1 swipe each), 15 lunches (1 swipe each), and 15 dinners (2 Swipes each) = 15 breakfasts + 15 lunches + 15 dinners (30 Swipes) = 60.


Where can I use these meal Swipes? 

Meal Swipes purchased under this plan may only be used at the Wellness Kitchen.

When can I use these meal Swipes? 

These meal Swipes may be used for breakfast or lunch Monday-Friday, and for dinner meals Sunday-Thursday.  Meal service may be discontinued during holidays, breaks, during a limited number of pre-announced University and Athletics events, severe weather events and at semesters’ end.  These meal swipes may NOT be used for Gameday Sunday Brunch or other special events held at the Wellness Kitchen.


Do these meal Swipes expire? 

Unlike money remaining in a student’s Declining Balance (which lasts through the concurrent Summer term), Wellness Kitchen Meal Swipes expire the last class day of each semester.  Any Swipes remaining in a student’s meal plan will be forfeited at close of business on the last class day of the semester for which they were purchased.


What is the advantage of the Wellness Kitchen meal plan? 

The Wellness Kitchen meal plan offers a discounted rate ($8.70 + tax/swipe = $9.48) for those who desire to eat the majority of their meals at the Wellness Kitchen.  Retail prices at the Wellness Kitchen are: Breakfast: $9.99 + tax ($10.89), Lunch: $10.99 + tax ($11.98), and Dinner: $21.99+ tax ($23.97). Please note that these retail prices may change during any given semester as a result of factors such as special offers or changes in food costs.


How do I purchase the Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan?

A limited number of Wellness Kitchen Meal Plans will be available for purchase starting at 8:00am CDT July 19, 2017.  These plans will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be purchased online.  Sales will continue until the semester’s allotment is sold out.  Because these meal plan swipes are nonrefundable and expire at the end of each semester, students are required to confirm their Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan purchase before the plan is activated. All official Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan notifications are sent via the email system. When these meal plans are offered, students will receive an email requesting confirmation of their desired meal plan.  Students must confirm/correct their meal plan details within five business days of notification.  Once their confirmation/correction is received, we will submit their Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan for processing.  Email offers to purchase a Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan will be sent no sooner than July 26th. Once Declining Balance dollars have been converted into meal plan Swipes, students have until the 20th class day of the semester to request release from the Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan.  After the 20th class day Wellness Kitchen Meal Plans cannot be converted back to declining balance for any reason.

Students who live on campus and purchase a meal plan in July will exchange their base $995 Declining Balance plan for one of the three Wellness Kitchen Dining Plans which are of equal value.  No additional funds will be required.

Students who live off campus must open an Optional Dining Plan to cover the additional cost of Wellness Kitchen Meal Swipes when they confirm their meal plan.  For instance, if an off campus student chose the 45 meal plan she would need to add $126.60 to her Optional Dining Account to equal the cost of the 45 meal swipes.  This student would have no declining balance to use elsewhere on campus unless she deposits more than $126.60 in the optional dining account. As an example, a deposit of $326.60 in an optional dining account will provide this student with 45 Wellness meal swipes and $200 in declining balance funds to be used anywhere on campus. If funds to purchase the Wellness Kitchen Meal Swipes are not deposited within 5 business days of plan confirmation, the swipes will not be purchased, and the plan will revert to the standard $300 declining balance meal plan.


What if  my son joins a Fraternity with a meal plan? 

Wellness Kitchen Meal Plans and Fraternity Dining Accommodations cannot be placed on the same account.  If your son wishes to purchase a Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan, he may do so, but will not be eligible for the fraternity dining plan exemption.  Most fraternity members simply use their declining balance funds when dining at the Wellness Kitchen.


Other considerations: 

Bear in mind that class schedules, extracurricular activities, friends’ preferences, and living location all impact whether students utilize the Wellness Kitchen during normal hours of operation.  If you are unsure about any of these factors, you may elect to purchase a smaller meal plan or simply use declining balance funds at the Wellness Kitchen.


What if I am an Athlete?

Whether you are a scholarship or non-scholarship athlete you need to sign up for a Wellness Kitchen Dining Plan through the Athletic Department.  Please contact your coach for more information.


Thank you for your interest in a Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan!  Please click the link below to log in and begin your purchase of a Wellness Kitchen Meal Plan:

Please note that you must respond confirming your meal plan preference before your meal plan will be purchased.

There is no Dining Info to Show.