Welcome to the 2020 Auburn Research: Virtual Student Symposium!

Congratulations to our 2020 Poster Award Winners! 

Students participating in this year’s symposium poster competition are highlighted in the Symposium Program. To access the poster, simply click on their name. To view abstracts, visit the Symposium Abstracts page.


University-Wide Undergraduate Student Winners in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

  • 1st Place: Natalie Williams, Microbiology, “Biocidal properties of Europa Lander solid rocket motor adhesive, Loctite® EA9394, against Hypsibius dujardini

  • 2nd Place: Allison Dees, Biological Sciences, “Communal egg-laying behavior and the consequences of egg-aggregation in the brown anole (Anolis sagrei)”

  • 3rd Place : Davis Arthur, Physics, “Development of a multi-particle spectrometer”

University-Wide Undergraduate Student Winners in Human Sciences, Social Sciences, Creative Arts, and Humanities 

  • 1st Place: Regan Shaw, Kinesiology, “Comparison of knee valgus during the single leg squat and softball pitch”

  • 2nd Place: Ryleigh Randall, Kinesiology, “Mitochondrial network dynamics: benefits of a high metabolic demand (lactation) condition in rats”

  • 3rd Place: Beatriz Carmona, Nutrition, “Circadian disruption of core clock genes Bmal-1, Reverb-a, Per2, and Cry-1 in adipose tissue due to western diet-induced obesity”

University-Wide Graduate Student Winners in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

  • 1st Place: Samuel Leiva, Poultry Science, “Effect of dietary protein source on broiler chicken growth performance, myogenic stem cell activity and heterogeneity, and muscle fiber morphometrics”

  • 2nd Place: Ayokunle Fadamiro, Electrical Engineering, “A novel quaternary FPGA architecture using floating gate memories”

  • 3rd Place: Naman Bansal, Computer Science and Software Engineering, “The sensitivity of attribution methods to hyperparameters”

University-Wide Graduate Student Winners in Human Sciences, Social Sciences, Creative Arts, and Humanities 

  • 1st Place: Swagata Chakraborty, Consumer and Design Sciences, “The influence of perceived human values on attitudes toward corporate social responsibility PR messages and company”

  • 2nd Place: Priscilla Ayine, Nutrition, “Parental feeding practices and perceptions of child weight in relation to childhood obesity”

  • 3rd Place: Elizabeth Keller, Industrial Design, “Consuming technology – Purchasing electronic devices” 

1. College of Agriculture

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: Jorge Sandoval, Poultry Science, “Effect of particle size and oil addition on near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) nutrient analysis of ground corn”
  • Graduate Student Winner: Shreya Sadhukhan, Entomology and Plant Pathology, “Altered disease severity and population dynamics of Xanthomonas perforans on tomato & pepper upon co-infection with Pseudomonas cichorii and Xanthomonas arboricola”

2. College of Architecture, Design, & Construction

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: N/A
  • Graduate Student Winner: Laura Lopez, Landscape Architecture, “Day-lighting Parkerson Mill Creek to reveal aquatic ecosystems”

3. Raymond J. Harbert College of Business

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: N/A
  • Graduate Student Winner: Nguyen Nguyen, Finance, “Financial literacy and the choice of alternative financial services by underbanked and unbanked households”

4. College of Education

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: Abigail Cramer, Exercise Science, “Trunk lateral flexion differences between the fastball and curveball pitch in collegiate softball pitchers”
  • Graduate Student Winner: Nicole Guilford, Educational Foundations, Leadership and Technology, “Tiered collaboration: addressing the impact of high poverty school culture on novice teachers”

5. Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: Justin Box, Biosystems Engineering, “Development of algal-bacterial wastewater treatment systems that are effective in the presence of antimicrobial processing aids used in the poultry processing industry“
  • Graduate Student Winner: Archana Bansode, Polymer and Fiber Engineering, “Preparation of phenol-formaldehyde resins using the lignocellulosic biomass (lignin, lignin and lignocellulosic pyrolysis biooilbio-oil) for use as a wood adhesive”

6. School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: Alexandria Hancock, Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, “The impacts of wild pig (Sus scrofa) rooting on soil macroinvertebrate abundance in southeast Alabama”
  • Graduate Student Winner: John Mensah, Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, “Does bark beetle associated fungi contribute to loblolly pine decline and mortality?”

7. College of Human Sciences

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: Mallory Harvey, Interior Design, “Evaluating acoustic design in adult education spaces for autism”
  • Graduate Student Winner: Haley Sherman, Human Development and Family Studies, “Assessing dimensions of combat exposure among soldiers and implications for mental health”

8. College of Liberal Arts

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: Jhayla Isom, Psychology, “Off-campus students' participation gap linked to difficulties with transportation and parking”
  • Graduate Student Winner: Sarah Krichbaum, Psychology, “Comparing dog and human olfactory working memory using an odor span task”

9. School of Nursing

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: N/A
  • Graduate Student Winner: N/A

10. Harrison School of Pharmacy

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: Brett Cocke, Drug Discovery and Development, “Reduced SIRT3 potentiates injury in the diabetic heart”
  • Graduate Student Winner: Rachel Rice, VCOM/Pharmacy, “Investigating the neuroprotective effects of extra-virgin olive oil on the blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer’s patients”

11. College of Sciences and Mathematics

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: Laura Minton, Chemistry and Biochemistry, “The effect of a pH-dependent arginine switch on protein-based cofactor formation in Catalase-peroxidase (KatG)”
  • Graduate Student Winner: Zexi Xing, Physics, “Water production rates and activity of interstellar comet 2I/Borisov”

12. College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Graduate Student Winner: Ferrin Antony, Pathobiology, “IFN-λ regulates early events in HSV-I induced corneal immunopathology”

13. Auburn University at Montgomery

  • Undergraduate Student Winner: N/A
  • Graduate Student Winner: Denise Burgos, Clinical Psychology, “Does a defendant’s ascribed socio-economic status impact mock jurors’ verdict and sentencing decisions?”

Students are also invited to submit Research Summaries for publication in 2020 the Symposium Proceedings. Research summaries are due May 15, 2020, and will be published online at a later date. Please click below for summary formatting information and submission options.

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