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Robert Holm, Ph.D

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Jonathan Cullum

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IGP Progress Report Form 2017-2018

IGP  Final Report Form 2017-2018

The Intramural Grants Program (IGP) is a comprehensive and coordinated competitive grant program that is committed to the advancement of knowledge through basic and applied research, to the enrichment of society through creative initiatives, to promoting faculty research in all disciplines, and recognizing that scholarly activity can take different forms across disciplines.  It is designed to support faculty in becoming competitive in securing external funding and sponsorship.  Supported projects are expected to result in appropriate scholarly products that will increase the national and international recognition of the awardees, their programs, and the university.   IGP funding is to be viewed as a source of funds to help faculty remain engaged in their disciplines and to contribute new knowledge through programs of scholarship. Fundamentally, we begin with a premise or assumption that scholarship is work that advances knowledge.  Scholarly activity could involve the collection of original data (through interviews, surveys or other methods); the production of new knowledge, or involve undertaking empirical or theoretical investigation; the analysis of data; reviewing, analyzing, and/or translating/interpreting original texts or objects of art or antiquity; creation of an original work, or innovative applications of design and technology.    

The IGP focuses on enhancing the reputation of Auburn University and leveraging extramural funding.  It is composed of four types of grants: the Seed Grant, the Cyber Research Grant* (* New this year offered with additional funding in conjunction with the IGP.), the Innovative Research Grant, and the Good to Great Grant. 

2018 IGP Program Information  
2017 / 2018 IGP RFP 2017 / 2018 IGP Guidelines
Seed Grant Seed Grant Instructional Video
Innovative Research Grant Innovative Grant Instructional Video
Good to Great Grant Good to Great Grant Instructional Video
Cyber Research Grant Cyber Grant Instructional Video
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