Intramural Grants Program

The Intramural Grants Program (IGP) is a comprehensive and coordinated competitive grant program that supports faculty research and scholarship, professional development, programmatic projects and creative works in all disciplines.  It is designed to support faculty in becoming competitive in securing external funding and sponsorship. Supported projects are expected to result in appropriate scholarly products that will increase the national and international recognition of the awardees, their programs, and the university. Examples include proposals for extramural funding and/or named fellowships, scholarly publications or conference presentations. Faculty participating in research in areas such as but not limited to the STEM disciplines, the social sciences, creative work and scholarship (including the visual, performing, literary and liberal arts), professional disciplines related to applied design, engineering and building construction, and other professional disciplines including veterinary medicine, pharmacy, nursing, education and business are encouraged to apply. The following funding opportunities are available within the IGP (It should be noted that a minimum one-to-one cash cost share (not in-kind) is required for all IGP grants. Cost share can come from various sources such as a department(s), college(s), research center(s), or other source(s); however, salaries or an employee’s time cannot be counted in the cost-share.  See the IGP guidelines for additional information on allowable sources of cost share.)  :

  • Seed Grant - Provides funding for all disciplines to assist faculty with initiating research projects or producing data for extramural grant applications, or creative scholarship and research projects with a demonstrated likelihood of significantly enhancing the reputation of Auburn University. OVPRED funding levels are capped at $4,000 per project for a period of two years.
  • Innovative Research Grant - Provides funding for faculty to generate preliminary data for extramural grant applications or research materials for original or innovative creative research, scholarship and works. OVPRED funding levels are capped at a total of $40,000 per project for a period of two years.
  • Good to Great Grant - Provides support to enhance faculty competitiveness for extramural grant applications and to complete highly significant creative scholarship, work or research projects. When a research proposal is favorably reviewed by an extramural grant review panel but not yet funded, the PI is encouraged to bring these research efforts to fruition. OVPRED funding levels are capped at $40,000 per project for a period of two years.

    •  In keeping with efforts to advance both diversity and sustainability at Auburn University, we would like to clarify that research in those areas is encouraged within the Intramural Grants Program (IGP), in addition to other areas of research and creative scholarship. We encourage you to apply for an IGP award and welcome proposals in all disciplines.



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Congratulations to the 2016 IGP Awardees  
Blersch, David Ag
Buschle-Diller, Gisela Ag
Coneva, Elina Ag
Lamba, Jasmeet Ag
Li, Steve Ag
Monu, Emefa Ag
Morey, Amit Ag
Nadolynak, Denis Ag
Wells, Daniel Ag
Lebleu, Charlene CADC
Helms, Brian COSAM
Kuroda, Marcelo COSAM
Moss, Anthony COSAM
Rashotte, Aaron COSAM
Schwartz, Elizabeth COSAM
Suh, Sang-jin COSAM
Zou, Haibo COSAM
Pangelinan, Melissa Education
Adams, Mark Engineering
Beidaghi, Majid Engineering
Sesek, Richard Engineering
Zhang, Xinyu Engineering
Zhou, Huaguo Engineering
Hinnant, Ben Human Sciences
Sadachar, Amrut Human Sciences
Sun, Lushan Human Sciences
Teel, Karla Human Sciences
Bondy, Barb Liberal Arts
DesChene, Wendy Liberal Arts
Eidson, Diana Liberal Arts
Floyd, Kathryn Liberal Arts
Friedman, Emily Liberal Arts
Jones, Alisha Liberal Arts
Peterson, Mary Nursing
Garza, Kimberly Pharmacy
Merner, Nancy Pharmacy
Minond, Dmitry Pharmacy
Panizzi, Peter Pharmacy
Pan, Susan SOFWS
Samoylova, Tatiana Vet Med
Taylor, Amanda Vet Med
Zhong, Juming Vet Med