Research & Economic Development Advisory Board

In today’s highly competitive research environment, it’s nice to know that someone has your back. Here at Auburn, we are lucky. Our research enterprise is backed by more than 40 industry professionals from across the country who keep their eyes peeled and their ears to the ground on our behalf. They are the Auburn University Research Advisory Board.

In Huntsville, members are pairing executives and company leaders who have specific research needs with the Auburn expertise necessary to meet those needs in low-risk, cost-effective ways. Back on campus, members are working with administrators to find creative, innovative ways to support and incentivize research faculty and students. Together, they’re growing a more fully robust research culture at Auburn. Everywhere they go, board members are alert for new ideas and new ways to connect Auburn with government agencies, industry, and economic developers.

The Research Advisory Board is aided in their efforts by Larry Fillmer, the Executive Director of Auburn’s External Engagement and Support Office, and by Mary Shirley-Howell, the Director of Development for Auburn Research. Together they’re working to increase both private and public sector support for research activity at Auburn, and to create opportunities for partnership with government and industry. Their efforts provide critical resources needed today while building a solid foundation for tomorrow.

Larry Fillmer
Executive Director External Engagement & Support<

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Phone: (334) 844-7480
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