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Sponsored Accounts are available for individuals who need computing access but are not otherwise eligible as an employee, student, or contracted agent. These users must be sponsored by a university department and there must be a direct relationship to the university academic mission or business function. Alumni and/or employee spouse or dependents not directly involved in the university mission are not eligible.

To obtain a sponsored account, the sponsored individual must first be entered into the university system by the Identity Management Office (, 334-844-4386). Once that has been done, any additional access needed should be requested through the sponsoring department's Administrative Computing Coordinator.

For additional information, please contact the OIT Accounts Administrator at

Temporary Account Request

Temporary Accounts are nonrenewable OIT accounts used to allow short term access to only Auburn's wireless network and OIT computing labs for vendors and other persons having official business at Auburn University for a period not to exceed 30 days.

Temporary Account Request Form

Temporary accounts work only on the wireless network SSID: AU_Open.

If you would like to email the temporary account login credentials to those who will be using them, follow these instructions.

  1. Log into the Guest Account Manager
  2. Click "Manage Guest Accounts"
  3. Click the appropriate temporary account to view more options
  4. Click "Print" and then "Send email receipt"
  5. On the next page, specify the recipient's email address and optionally update the subject line
  6. Press the "Send Message" button