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Second Degree Students


We currently do not offer an accelerated program. Second-degree students have a separate list of requirements for eligibility to apply to our traditional BSN program. See below for a list of eligibility requirements.





1. What is a second-degree student?

We consider students as “second-degree students” if they have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in any other field from an accredited institution.

2. Why choose AUSON (Auburn University School of Nursing)?

Auburn Nursing is top notch! We are a growing program that focuses on exemplifying excellence in teaching, service/outreach, and research. Currently, our NCLEX rating is consistently above state and national averages.

3. My degree isn’t from Auburn, will that affect my application?

No, not at all. However, we do recommend applying to the university and paying your confirmation deposit as soon as possible. This will allow the registrar’s office to evaluate your transcripts sooner and you will not if you are eligible to apply sooner as well.

4. I hear AUSON will be getting a new building, how will this impact me?

We are excited about our new building. We are planned to be in the new building fall 2017. Our new building will house mostly upper division courses and labs. Advising for pre-nursing and upper division nursing students will also be housed in the new building. We hope to grow our program; however, it will be a gradual growth. More information on our new building can be found HERE.

5. Will my application be considered differently than other applicants?

No. We consider second-degree student’s applications in the same manner as any other applicant.

6. How much is AUSON?

Nursing school has additional fees and requirements. A more specific breakdown of expenses can be found HERE. Keep in mind that these fees are subject to change.

7. I already have taken some nursing courses, can I start where I left off at another institution’s nursing program?

Unfortunately, no. If you are admitted into Auburn Nursing you will have to take the exact courses listed on our curriculum sheet as listed. We do not accept transfer credit in our upper division



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