Faculty Research Focus


fparkerFrancine M. Parker, MSN, RN, EdD

Associate Dean
Betty McClendon Fuller Professorship
Phone : (334) 844-6759
Email: parkefm@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Leadership and nursing workforce satisfaction, ePortfolios









bwilderBarbara Wilder, PhD, CRNP

Graduate Program Director
Wells Fargo Endowed Professor
Phone : (334) 844-6766
Email: wildebf@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Health Promotion with low income clients, Health behaviors in rural populations






Bonnie Sanderson, PhD, RN

Associate Dean for Research Emeritus
Professor Emeritus
Email: bks0010@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Outcome research in preventive cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation with a specific interest in behavior change interventions, obesity prevention; ePortfolios and student learning.






kellisonKathy Jo Ellison, PhD, RN

Associate Professor
Phone : (334)-6761
Email: elliskj@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Caregiving support and health disparities; Service Learning










chuntCaralise W. Hunt, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor
Phone : (334) 844-6763
Email: huntcar@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Diabetes self-management, technology, and diabetes self-management









lmcmillanLibba McMillan, PhD, RN

Associate Professor
Phone : (334) 844-5973
Email: reedreb@auburn.edu

Research Focus: patient safety: organization safety culture, rural settings; program evaluation: evaluation/accreditation; military/veteran health: wounded warrior competency development, community and family transition










mfoxLynn G. Brown, DNP, RN-BC, CNE

Assistant Professor
Phone : (334) 844-5607
Email: lgb0013@auburn.edu

Research Focus:  The nursing shortage, nurse retention, nurse residency programs, student retention









mpetersonMary H. Peterson, DNP, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, CCRN-K

Assistant Professor
Phone : (334) 844-7080
Email: petermh@auburn.edu

Research Focus:
Prolonged life-sustaining treatments, Futile care, Supporting patients and families after critical illness, and palliative care referral patterns





Dr. Michelle S. Williams PhotoMichelle S. Williams, PhD, MSPH, MPH, CHES

Assistant Professor
Phone : (334) 844-5623
Email: msw0043@auburn.edu

Research Focus:
Health Disparities, Cancer Prevention and Control, Obesity, Sociocultural Determinants of Health, Global Health



Clinical Faculty Research Interests


acurtisAmy Curtis, RN, MSN

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-7988
Email: azc0007@tigermail.auburn.edu

Research Focus: Breast Cancer, Health Disparities, Simulation










dcrumbleyDavid Crumbley MSN, CWCN

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-8433
Email: drc0013@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Military and Veteran-related healthcare issues, advanced wound care









jduboisE. Jean Dubois, RN, MSN, CRNP

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-6760
Email: duboiej@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Health Promotion; Cardiovascular Issues, Parkinson's Disease









mfoxMargot Fox, MSN, RN

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-6764
Email: mew0038@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Role of Outreach and Service Activities in the Promotion of Excellence in Nurse Education










mfoxLaurie Harris RN, MSN

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-6715
Email: caldwlj@auburn.edu

Research Interests: Women’s Health Promotion, Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, Mother-baby interactions.










mfoxTanya L. Johnson, MSN, RN

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-5679
Email: johsotl@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Quality Improvement Outcomes Related to Nursing and Patient Safety, Simulation and Developing Nursing Leadership Concepts and Skills, Health Promotion in Diverse Populations










Ann LambertAnn Lambert MSN, RN, CRNP

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-5965
Email: Awl0011@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Childhood Obesity, Shaken Baby Syndrome and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Prevention, Play Therapy, Oncology Patients and Resilience










mfoxKelley M. Noll, MSN, RN

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-6135
Email: kelleynoll@auburn.edu

Research FocusObstetrics, Teacher Effectiveness, Mentoring New Graduate Nurses, ePortfolio











Karol RenfroeKarol Renfroe, MSN, RN

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-6705
Email: kcr0004@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Innovative teaching and Simulation









mfoxValarie Thomas, RN, MSN

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-6765
Email: vzt0009@auburn.edu

Research Focus: Innovative teaching strategies; cultural competence; health care literacy;










mfoxSarah O. Watts, PhD, RN, MSN

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-5602
Email: sow0002@auburn.edu

Research Focus:  Emergency and Critical Care Nursing, Adult Health, Policy and Politics of the Nursing Profession









mfoxErica D. Kierce, MSN, CRNP

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-6757
Email: edk0006@auburn.edu

Research Focus:  Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, Forensic Nursing, RN-BSN focused initiatives, Nursing Advocacy and Leadership






mfoxWilliam Stuart Pope, DNP, RN, D.Min

Assistant Clinical Professor
Phone : (334) 844-5602
Email: sow0002@auburn.edu

Research Focus:  Mental Health, Animal-assisted Therapy, Depression with chronic illness, Community-based nursing