MSN Graduate Profiles

Amy Curtis

MSN Nurse Educator Track

What year did you graduate and what is your current position?
I graduated in 2011 and my current position is with Auburn University School of Nursing as an Assistant Clinical Professor.

What impact did the AU/AUM School of Nursing MSN Program have on your current career path goal?
It helped me to explore the professional options in the nursing education realm. It also provided me a way to step into a clinical lecturer role and assume my own course immediately following graduation and felt more than adequately prepared.

Can you identify how MSN classroom and clinical experiences prepared you for your advanced practice?
These experiences guided my thoughts in transiting from the hospital/bedside mentality to a more grounded educational theory based mentality. The program also helped me become a better educator and learn more innovative/active learning strategies to better serve my student population.

Describe any faculty and/or staff support that helped you to be successful in the MSN program
The faculty to student ratio was conductive to a more individualized and personal one on one instruction. This type of instruction was what I was looking for in a graduate program. The faculty and staff made me feel more like a person rather than just a number.

Do you have any recommendations of the AU/AUM MSN program for future students?
This program offers small class size, personalized instruction, ease of facilitating practicum experiences, an open door policy, and the faculty and staff are extremely welcoming, friendly and supportive.