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1. Why choose AUSON (Auburn University School of Nursing)?

Auburn Nursing is top notch! We are a growing program that focuses on exemplifying excellence in teaching, service/outreach, and research. Currently, our NCLEX rating is consistently above state and national averages.

2. How will my courses that are taken at another institution transfer to Auburn?

The Registrar’s Office on campus certifies all courses from other institutions. We have a course equivalency table that you can see what your previous courses would be equivalent to here at Auburn University.

3. What is the process of applying to AUSON as a transfer student?

The first step is being accepted by Auburn University, this can take up to 4 weeks. In applying to Auburn Nursing you are required to show proof of acceptance by the university and paying a confirmation deposit before applying to our program. Keep in mind that being accepted by the university is not a guarantee that you will be accepted into the nursing program. It is a two-step application process. You will need to apply and be accepted by the university, complete a nursing application and be accepted by the nursing school in order to progress as an upper division nursing student.

4. How much is Auburn’s Nursing program?

Nursing school has additional fees and requirements. A more specific breakdown of expenses can be found HERE. Keep in mind that these fees are subject to change.

5. I hear AUSON is getting a new building, how will this impact me?

We are excited to be in our new building. Our new building houses all of our upper-division courses and labs. Advising for pre-nursing and upper division nursing students also is housed in the new building. We hope to grow our program; however, it will be a gradual growth.

6. What is a mandatory orientation session?

For transfer students, it is mandatory that you attend an orientation session, commonly referred to as SOS. Attending this session is required in order to start taking courses at Auburn. You can find more information on SOS HERE.

5. Who should I contact with specific questions?

You can contact our Student Services Office with specific questions, (334) 844-5665 or



Student Services Office

(334) 844-5665