Fall 2017 Application

Please read this page in it's entirety before accessing the application.

This application will be available from December 1, 2017- Februrary  1, 2017 at 4:45 pm. We will not accept any applications past the deadline

AUSON will be testing a new application system. The process for completing your nursing application to be considered for the Fall 2017 admission is as follows

Please complete in order:

1) Read this page in its entirety

2) Download the appropriate Instructional Sheet for my situation (either Current Auburn Student or Transfer Student). Make sure you have everything listed in the instructional sheet ready to upload into your application.

3) Complete the new test application- Keep in mind that you will not be able to complete this until you have your transcripts reflect Fall 2016 grades: https://cws.auburn.edu/nursingapp 

4) AUSON will send a link to the current nursing application to your Auburn email address that is input in the test application.(**admission will be based on information input on the old application system). Keep in mind that no links will be sent during Christmas Break (December 20-January 3). 

5) Submit nursing application.

Please make sure you have all documents ready to upload onto the application site. We ask that you carefully read the "BSN Instruction Sheet" for your particular situation (Current Auburn Student or Transfer Student) to make sure you have all documents needed to complete your application before starting.

Instruction Sheets

Instructional Sheet for Current Auburn Student

Instructional Sheet for Transfer Student

**We highly encourage transfer students to apply to Auburn University as soon as possible in order to avoid any delays in applying to our upper division. All students must have an Auburn email address before receiving the link to the application**

Supporting Documents

BSN Checklist

Volunteer/Work Form (optional)

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Are volunteer/work/shadowing forms required?
    • No, we recommend to complete a health related experience in order to stay competitive. However, a specific form isn't required. You can document your experience through a letter, email, or using the form provided on this page. Please be sure to include how many hours completed, description of experience, and contact information for a supervisor.


  • Can I upload a letter, sign-in sheet, or email from a supervisor and it count toward my volunteer/work/shadowing experience?
    • Yes! We will accept forms listed above for your volunteer/work/shadowing information. Be sure to have how many hours completed, description of experience, and contact information for a supervisor.


  • Can I mail or drop off my application?
    • No, we are no longer accepting paper forms for our application. We ask that you use the link sent to you through your email to submit your application.


  • When will I know if I got an interview?
    • Emails about interviews will go out approximately 2 weeks after the application deadline. Keep in mind that we will use your Auburn email address to communicate about application status, interviews, and acceptance


  • Help! I don't know how to upload my transcripts.
    • Be sure to read over your instruction sheet first. Keep in mind that you need a transcript for every institution in which a course was taken, this includes dual enrollment. 
      • Even your Auburn transcript may have another institution's courses listed, we need transcripts from each institution, even if it's only one course
    • We will only accept pdf and jpeg formats of transcripts
    • Transcripts need to have applicants name, institution name, and all courses and grades from that institution.
    • Transcripts can be unofficial or official. We will accept both. Keep in mind that an official transcript will need to be sent to the university if you were to be accepted into the upper division
    • If you are still having trouble preparing your transcripts for our application, you can contact helpdesk@auburn.edu 


  • What if I don't know my auburn email address?
    • Contact the Admissions department. You are required to have an Auburn transcript in order to receive the link to the application


  • I forgot to upload my volunteer information (or any other document), but I've already submitted my application...
    • We will not accept any forms or documents after an application has been submitted. We highly encourage you to read the instructions page appropriate to your situation and have all documents prepared to upload to the application before starting the application.


  • I have submitted my information to the email below, but haven't received an email yet, what should I do?
    • After submitting your information please give us 48 hours to respond with a link. If you haven't received the link resend your information. If you haven't heard received anything in a week, please call our office. Please keep in mind that we will not be sending any links during Auburn University's Christmas Break (December 21- January 3)


  • Whew, I've submitted my application with all supporting documents...Now what?
    • You will receive an application status email from one of our staff members. This email will include your application status. We recommend that you take a look at your Degree Works to see any outstanding courses you have left to take. Interview emails will go out to Auburn email addresses about 2 weeks after the deadline. Please do not call our office about interview dates and times, emails will include all important details in a timely manner.


  • Eek! I can't make the interview. What should I do?
    • Unfortunately, all interviews are required to be in-person and on the date specified. If you can't make the interview date, we suggest you apply for another cohort. Interviews for Fall cohort, will be the first weekend in March. Interviews for Spring cohort, will be the first weekend in June. 


  • I'm a transfer student wanting to apply for spring admission, but the University hasn't opened applications for Spring 2017 yet, what should I do?
    • If you are a transfer student and you don't plan to attend Auburn until Spring of 2017, please apply for Auburn University's Fall 2016 application. this is the latest application open at this time. If you are admitted for the upper division, for Spring 2017, your university admission can be deferred to Spring of 2017 if you wish.


  • How do I know if I am a transfer student or current Auburn student?
    • If you are currently taking Auburn courses, you are a current Auburn student. This is even if you haven't taken all of your courses at Auburn. You are only considered a "transfer student" when you are applying to Auburn Nursing and not taking Auburn courses.


  • What questions are on the application?
    • All of the questions are information based. We do not ask any essay questions. We ask for contact information, institutions attended with transcripts from each, volunteer/work/shadowing information

From December 19th 2017- January 3rd, 2017 Applications will not be reviewed nor will links be sent due to the closing of Auburn University. Reviewing of Applications and links to be sent will resume after January 3, 2017.