Admission Requirements (BSN)

Once students have successfully completed the lower division prerequisite courses, they must apply for admission to the upper division of the School of Nursing. The application process is done in two steps. First, you must complete a University application (if not already an AU student), then once accepted you are eligible to complete a School of Nursing application.

Admission to the Professional Program

Admission to the professional program occurs in both summer and fall. Pre-nursing students must formally apply for admission to the professional program and meet the deadlines and requirements for each admission cycle. Application forms will be posted on the School of Nursing website by October for both summer and fall admission. The deadline for completing an application is November 1 for both summer and fall admission admission. Interviews will be held in February. Students will be notified of admission decisions by auburn email in March for both summer and fall admission. Those applicants admitted must successfully complete all pre-nursing courses with a “C” or higher by the end of spring semester for summer admission and by the end of summer semester for fall admission.

To be eligible for consideration for an interview and admission, applicants must have completed at least 3 of the 5 required science courses (listed below) and have no more than 18 hours of pre-nursing coursework outstanding:

  • BIOL 1020, 1021: Principles of Biology with Lab
  • CHEM 1030, 1031: Fundamentals of Chemistry I with Lab
  • BIOL 3200: Microbiology with lab
  • BIOL 2500: Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab
  • BIOL 2510: Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab

Applicants must complete science courses within the last 5 years. Criteria considered for admission include unadjusted pre-nursing GPA, science GPA, number of hours completed at Auburn, successful completion of all pre-nursing requirements and interview score. While the GPA to be considered for an interview is an overall unadjusted GPA of 2.5 or higher, interviews will be granted on the overall unadjusted GPA of the pool of applicants and in reality a higher GPA may be required to interview. Applicants will be interviewed only once each academic cycle. Due to limited enrollment, all students who meet minimum requirements may not be interviewed or admitted. Admission is extremely competitive. The average GPA of admitted students is typically 3.57-3.85.