2019 Daisy Award Honorees


DAISY In Training Undergraduate Award Honoree

Peyton Barthel

Peyton Barthel

“Peyton always interacts with patients in a way that makes them feel safe and loved. On multiple occasions, Peyton and I had the opportunity to pray with patients that asked to be prayed with. We saw this have a very calming effect. On one occasion a teenage girl was at the hospital alone and being prepared for an appendectomy. I asked this girl if she wanted a chaplain to come pray with her to help relieve her fears. She very much wanted this. Upon finding that the chaplain had gone home for the day, Peyton happily filled in and prayed aloud over the scared girl. After the prayer, the patient had a dramatically different demeanor. It was obvious that Peyton's compassion had helped the patient have peace of mind. This is just one example of many times when Peyton was a smiling face and a comforting presence to a patient in need.”



DAISY In Training Graduate Award Honoree

Justin Bannister

Justin Bannister



DAISY Faculty Undergraduate Award Honoree

Dr. Amy Curtis, PhD, RN

Amy Curtis

“In the past 3 years of my college career, I have encountered many types of professors with multiple teaching styles and personalities. Many of these professors were very helpful. A few were not. I have no doubt, that whenever I am finished with my higher education, I will be able to look back and say that the one professor who was the most instrumental in my success was Dr. Curtis. She visibly demonstrates, on a daily basis, all of the characteristics of a "rock star" educator, coach, and counselor rolled up into one person. I have personally observed her come to work early and stay late to ensure she is prepared for her classes. She shows a personal interest in her students and their progress and uplifts and encourages them daily. Personally, if it had not been for her emotional support and encouragement I might have already given up and sought a different career path. Dr. Amy Curtis daily models the type of nurse we should all strive to be when we enter the workplace.”



DAISY Faculty Graduate Award Honoree

Dr. Sarah Watts, PhD, RN

Sarah Watts

“When I began the graduate nursing program at Auburn in 2017, I had been out of school for ten years and was a mom of three. I was very intimidated at first. However, Dr. Watts was such an encouragement during that time of transition. She played a tremendous role in helping me gain confidence, and her example as a nurse educator inspired me to pursue my education further and become more involved in the advancement of nursing.”