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SEE is an intensive, four-week summer program for incoming Auburn University freshmen. The program will be staffed by mathematics and English faculty, graduate teaching assistants, counselors and academic advisors.

Students take two classes designed to prepare them for courses in freshmen calculus and English. Each course has a parallel workshop supplementing the classroom instruction. The classroom teaching is conducted by full-time faculty members and workshops are supervised by graduate students. Through these courses and workshops, students will have an opportunity to improve their skills and ready themselves for their freshman year. Students will not receive university credit for these courses, however, each student will receive a written evaluation of his or her performance. This information will help students determine which courses they should enroll in for the fall semester.

Students will also be taught study and time management skills, attend seminars and discussions on topics, such as, career options and choosing and succeeding in their academic programs at Auburn University. Students will also visit businesses and industries, in a variety of career fields, and go on cultural field trips.

Computer use will be an integral part of the program. Students will be taught how to use the university computer network for communication, course requirements and accessing the library and other important information such as course schedules, financial aid, etc.


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Tiger Check provides basic physical assessments (vital signs, heart and lung sounds, height, weight, and vision screening) for students with signed parental consent forms. Student nurses, supervised by faculty, perform the screenings and assist in scoliosis screenings.  

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Multilingual After-school and Summer Services

Two children playing with blocks at table.Auburn University’s Center for Educational Outreach and Engagement (CEOE) is partnering with Synchro International Education to provide a multilingual after-school program that offers a mix of academic and recreational multilingual study on campus.

This program will be serving K-12 students in the Auburn-Opelika area. The objective of the program is to prepare the students for successful careers in the global economy by developing their language skills and cultural awareness. A native English speaker with proficiency in Chinese and Spanish will be able to communicate with about 35% of the world’s population, giving them a unique advantage over others in navigating through the rapidly changing global economy.

9th-12th GradeAvailable in SummerEngineeringOvernight

Do you like math and science, interested in how things work, enjoy problem solving and like working with a team of people?

If so, you might be a future engineer. From defense and infrastructure to telecommunications and consumer electronics, engineers make the world a better place. An engineering degree can also open doors to careers in business, law and medicine. The options are limited by only your imagination!

The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering wants to expose rising 9-11 grade female students to the world of engineering through the Women in Engineering summer camp.  The residential camp will focus on issues important to women in the field of engineering.  Sessions will be led by women engineering organizations, faculty members, alumni, and current Auburn engineering students. Students interested in attending the camp must apply online.

Last Updated: April 26, 2016