Sam Sturdi PicSam Sturdivant 


Phi Gamma Delta

Position/Involvement: Phi Gamma Delta Cabinet, IFC Director of Outreach 



Alexander City, AL

High School:

Benjamin Russell High School




Chemical Engineering






Why did you join a fraternity?       

  • I saw how my dad, who was in a fraternity at Auburn, still cherished the relationships he made in his fraternity years after graduation, and I wanted to make those special friendships just like he did. 

One of the biggest concerns of incoming freshman and their parents is the financial aspect; do you feel it was worth paying the average of 1500 a semester?     

  • Yes. The relationships formed are so worth it. Also, living in a fraternity house and eating fraternity meals are usually a lot cheaper than other options.

Another concern of a lot of parents is being able to balance fraternity life with academics, what advice would you give to incoming freshman to help them enjoy all aspects of college while maintaining good grades?

  • Joining a fraternity is not the reason to come to college. You have to prioritize. For some, balancing fraternity life and maintaining good grades isn’t that difficult. For others, it takes sacrifice to keep good grades. It’s better to start out sacrificing than to learn the hard way and spend the rest of college digging yourself out of a hole. It takes a semester or two to really find the balance between investing and grades and investing in your relationships.

What do you think/what are the benefits to joining a fraternity?

  • It makes the transition in to college so much easier. You have immediate friends with which you can study, hang out, ask questions, etc. Fraternities teach responsibility and accountability. They provide a way to meet hundreds of more guys that you would have never met otherwise. Most of all, fraternities almost always find a way to bring guys together in lifelong friendships.

What do you enjoy the most about your fraternity?

  • Personally, it has led me to be stronger in my faith, stronger academically, and a better person overall. Also, I have never met anyone who believed they joined the wrong fraternity. The rush process Auburn has always allows guys get to the place they need to be.

What is the biggest lesson (or two) that being in fraternity has taught you?

  • By going to college, we hope to add value to ourselves and give ourselves a competitive advantage after graduation. While this is true, being in a fraternity has taught me, through real-life situations, how our purpose in this life is not to be served, but to serve. It has forced me to get my mind off of myself, and that is more valuable than any test I will take.

If you could go back would you do it again?

  • Absolutely.