Matt Davis


Delta Tau Delta

Position/Involvement: IFC Executive Vice President; Executive Society; Former Camp War Eagle Counselor; Former Fraternity President



Montgomery, AL

High School:

LAMP High School


2016 (Graduated)







Why did you join a fraternity?        

  • Because my parents told me I would have to pay my own dues, I actually did not originally plan on joining a fraternity. However, on move-in day I met two Delts who were helping move freshmen in. One of those guys went on to be the next chapter president. Those guys made me feel comfortable about making the transition into college. I rushed a few places, but joined Delt because I felt like the fraternity would help shape me into a strong leader. I desired to have the charisma and leadership ability that a lot of the guys rushing me had.

One of the biggest concerns of incoming freshman and their parents is the financial aspect; do you feel it was worth paying the average of 1500 a semester?     

  • Absolutely. As a student who pays my own dues, I realize how large of a financial commitment it is. I was definitely skeptical about using the money I had saved throughout high school for fraternity dues, but it has been one of the best things I could have done to mature, make life-long friendships, and develop a worldwide network of friends and alumni.

Another concern of a lot of parents is being able to balance fraternity life with academics, what advice would you give to incoming freshman to help them enjoy all aspects of college while maintaining good grades?

  • Maintain a day-planner. Whether it is a book or an electronic device, having plans for how you will spend your time ensures that you will finish the things you need to while accounting for free time to spend with friends. Once everything is in your planner, have the self-discipline to say “no” when you have to in order to get things done. I definitely struggled as a freshman, and a lot of my struggles were because I did not have a plan for how I would spend my time each day. Also, putting your phone on airplane mode during class will allow you to learn material with ease in class and have to study less on your own. All A’s are easy to obtain if you are disciplined in doing these things.

What do you think/what are the benefits to joining a fraternity?

  • There are countless benefits to joining a fraternity. Fraternities are a development accelerator. I have matured much faster than I might have otherwise because of the several leadership roles I have held in the fraternity. In addition to helping me become a better man, the fraternity has started several friendships that I know I will have for the rest of my life. Finally, the alumni connections are unbelievable. Since I will be graduating soon, I have reached out to several alumni, and each one of them has been enthused and eager to help. The connections do not end with alumni from your own chapter—through Greek conferences I have attended, I have become close with several people outside of my school and organization.

What do you enjoy the most about your fraternity?

  • While everything from ritual events to social events is great, I enjoy alumni events the best. At alumni events, brothers and their dates have the opportunity to chat with alumni and their families about everything from past college stories to future career opportunities. It is truly great to have people of all ages bond around a shared organization.

What is the biggest lesson (or two) that being in fraternity has taught you?

  • My time as chapter president was filled with one life lesson after another. The most important lesson I have learned though is that in order to lead any group there has to be a shared desire for accomplishment. I have learned it is impossible to force anyone to do anything. I simply must develop their “want” to do it.

If you could go back would you do it again?

  • Without a doubt.