Jesse Westerhouse


Beta Theta Pi

Position/Involvement: SGA Executive Director of Initiatives; Beta Theta Pi Vice President of Finance



Huntsville, AL

High School:

Sparkman High School


2017 (Graduated)








Why did you join a fraternity?        

  • I joined a fraternity for the strong sense of community. I had that through athletics in high school, and having joined a fraternity made the transition from high school to college much easier because you meet and get to know your pledge class and older brothers in the fraternity as the summer progresses so you start the year off with some friends and familiar faces that you know you can lean on right off the bat. 

One of the biggest concerns of incoming freshman and their parents is the financial aspect; do you feel it was worth paying the average of 1500 a semester?     

  • Absolutely, the relationships you build and the other social experiences are not replicable outside of a fraternity and once you factor in a meal plan and if you live in the fraternity house, where rent is usually extremely affordable, the overall expenses aren’t much greater than a normal college student. I know this because both of my sisters were not involved in Greek Life and I currently live in my fraternity house and my dues plus living is cheaper than living was for them. 

Another concern of a lot of parents is being able to balance fraternity life with academics, what advice would you give to incoming freshman to help them enjoy all aspects of college while maintaining good grades?

  • This was definitely a concern for my parents as I entered college. However, once I got to Auburn I realized how invaluable having an entire group of older guys that have taken the classes you are taking and have experience with those teachers is as far as being able to help you with homework, tests, advice on what teachers to take, etc. The social and brotherhood aspects do take up a lot of time but it forces you to learn time management which is such a valuable skill in college and in life in general. 

What do you think/what are the benefits to joining a fraternity?

  • I think the biggest benefit is you instantly have, depending on your chapter, 40-180 guys that you know on campus and that are involved in different things on campus. These guys can give you advice on what organizations to join if you want to be involved as well as advice on school related issues and general life advice, this was the biggest positive for me. After college the benefits don’t stop because the older guys that you get to know enter the work force before you and can help you in getting jobs and expanding your networking opportunities. 

What do you enjoy the most about your fraternity?

  • I enjoy the brotherhood aspect the most and the accountability that comes with it. I think a lot of people see a fraternity as a place they can go to drink and be wild and crazy with each other, but in actuality it is a group of guys you grow extremely close to and can talk about life, relationships, religion, and just anything that may arise. This has been one of my favorite parts of being in a fraternity; just to have those guys that you can relax and share conversation and grow with each other and challenge each other. 

What is the biggest lesson (or two) that being in fraternity has taught you?

  • One of the biggest things I have learned is accountability. This lesson of accountability came during pledgeship by having to hold myself and others accountable for getting certain jobs done or being somewhere on time, prepared for the task at hand. Accountability has also been a huge aspect of my officer position within my fraternity by, again, having to hold myself accountable to get my job done and holding others accountable to pay their dues to the fraternity. Accountability has been very important to me and it has been really cool to see how my fraternity has shaped my view on that. 

If you could go back would you do it again?

  • Yeah, there is no doubt in my mind it is the best decision I have made in college.